Felicia architecture is a dynamic OEM company. Our in-house facilities give us the capacity to create or rally from architecture to end product. Anything not done in-house is outsourced to technical experts who work solely on specific parts. This ensures that the intellectual property rights remain safe and the designs cannot be duplicated.

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European monitoring ensures the standards are met. Us manufacture quality jewelry according to client specifications, and deliver the on time.







Felicia design keeps up-to-date or even establishes technology. Machined parts, model making, product development, software, machined finishes, and laser applications are some locations where, in the past, we have arisen technology. Modern technology is used to boost the easily accessible production options, decrease manufacturing times and provide higher quality.

Our innovative approach to trouble solving is among our strengths.

Model Making and also Metal Masters

All style work, CAD,wax models and metal masters are done in-house. We market these services at a fair cost.We take great care to protect our clients’ pundit property, and also to produce a product that accurately represents the brand or concept.

Metals and Casting

Casting is sub-contractedto trusted working partners. We actors in gold and in 925 Sterling Silver. We occupational only through high quality products sourced from trusted suppliers. We deserve to work additionally with various metals.

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In ours alloys we perform not use Cadmium, Lead, Nickel or any prohibited and harmful materials. We follow europe rules and also regulations (REACH).

We space a certified member the the Responsible Jewellery Council. This means we have been audited by one independent 3rd party v respect to general compliance with all laws, and also with special focus on responsible it is provided chains, person rights, work rights and also working conditions, health and also safety, ecological management and product disclosure.