The every 3rd day residential schedule has the boy living through one parent for 2 days and the various other parent for 1 day.

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Here"s the every 3rd day schedule in the calendar.


The every third day schedule repeats every 3 weeks. It offers one parent around 30% of the moment with the child and also the other parent about 70%.

Custody X readjust is software that create custody and visitation schedules and also professional parenting arrangement documents.

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Every 3rd day schedule examples

You deserve to customize her schedule so it works much better for you. Right here are some examples of every third day schedules.

Change the begin day

This schedule beginning on Sunday, v the son with the father. You can pick any day to start your schedule.


Change the exchange times

This schedule has exchanges in ~ 10:00 am. You deserve to pick any kind of time for your exchanges.


This schedule has actually mom"s pickup in ~ 3:00 pm and dad"s pickup in ~ 7:00 pm. You deserve to have various exchange times for each parent.


Use 3rd-party time

This schedule includes 3rd party time (when the son isn"t v either parent). Showing third party time may readjust the percent of time the each parent has actually the child.


Calculate her time

A visitation timeshare calculator mirrors you the timeshare percent of each parental for any schedule. The can help you customize her schedule so both parents are happy through the parenting time.

Pros and cons the the every third day schedule


The kid spends time living through both parents throughout the week.The son doesn"t go long periods without see a parent.The schedule deserve to work well for younger children.Both parents provide the son with daily caregiving, for this reason they have avenues to bond.Both parents have actually weekday and weekend time with the child.Both parents are an extremely involved in the child"s life.


There are regular exchanges, i beg your pardon the parents should coordinate.The exchange day move constantly, for this reason parents have to keep cautious track of when they have the child.The child may have actually a hard time adjusting to switching residences so frequently.Because there room midweek exchanges, the parental must communicate with each other about the child"s school, homework and also other activities.Parents must live reasonably close come one another.Both parents must live close to the child"s school.One parent has substantially an ext time with the child than the other parent, and also this can cause fighting about the schedule.

The easiest means to make an every 3rd day schedule

There"s a lot to think around when you construct a nursing time schedule. You"ll desire it to resolve holidays and also school breaks, offer the best amount the time to every parent, and also work for years come come.

The Custody X readjust app renders it easy. Simply follow the steps to make a less typical custody schedule.

On action 2, select the "other" design template option, climate click "Next: Repeating rate." set your schedule come repeat every 3 days, then customize it.

Select the parental from the dropdown menu, then pick start and end dates and times to offer the parental one or two days. The application will instantly give the continuing to be time in the three-day cycle come the various other parent.


To make a custody schedule quickly and also affordably, rotate to Custody X Change. You"ll obtain a written schedule and a visual calendar that satisfy your family"s needs, as well as court standards.

Custody X adjust is software that create custody and visitation schedules and professional parenting plan documents.

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Make My third Day Schedule Now

Custody X readjust is software program that create custody and also visitation schedules and professional parenting plan documents.

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