Name pronunciation: KRIS-to-furOrigin that name: GreekMeaning that name: bearing Christ, transport of the Anointed One

The Story Behind This historical Christian baby Name

There are number of legends attributed to St. Christopher, but nearly no factual or historical records for the initial “Saint”. The legends to speak Christopher was a huge Canaanite (18 feet tall), originally called Reprobus, that was feather to offer the mightiest king that all. So he offered a Canaanite king for a while, yet then noticed the king acted fear at the point out of the devil. For this reason he went trying to find the devil and also found a bandit who dubbed himself the devil. However, Christopher noticed the the bandit would protect against crosses, and discovered he to be afraid the Jesus Christ.

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After asking approximately where he might find this Christ, Christopher uncovered a hermit that instructed him around the methods of Christianity. Christopher decided to serve God by helping people throughout a danger river, where civilization often died trying come cross. Someday a son asked for assist to cross once the river was high v floodwaters. Christopher check the crossing, and also found the boy to be far more heavy than he looked.

He finally made it come the various other side, and also told the child, “You were so heavy! it was as if I lugged the whole world throughout the river!”

And the child replied, “You didn’t carry the world, however the device of it,” and revealed self to be Christ in disguise.


St. Christopher transferring the Christ Child, through Hieronymus Bosch, 1480-1490.

Thus, the name Christophoros, or “bearer of Christ”. And thus, the usual reference come Christopher together the “patron saint that travelers”.

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Later, the story goes, Christopher saw the city that Lycia and also comforted persecuted believer there and also preached the gospel, convert thousands. The pagan king make the efforts to stop him by tempting him through riches and even sent two ladies to tempt him into sin. However he converted the two prostitutes come Christianity, and the king lastly had that captured and beheaded. Thus, his condition as a martyr.

Variations the the baby name Christopher

Boy names: Christ, Chris, Christoph, Cristopher, CristoffGirl names:Christie,Christina, Christine,Christophia, Christi, Chris

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