"Ching chong" and also "ching chang chong" are racist pejorative terms sometimes used in English to mock the Chinese language (and periodically other language of Asia), civilization of Chinese ancestry, or other human being of eastern or Southeast asian descent perceived to it is in Chinese. This derogatory expression has frequently accompanied strikes or physics intimidation the East and also Southeast Asians, as have actually other racial slurs or incomprehensible imitation Chinese.

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Etymology that the term

The ax "ching chong" is based on how Chinese sounds to some English speakers who execute not speak it. The "ch" mirrors the family member abundance of coincidentally coronal affricates in Chinese (six in Mandarin Chinese: , , , , , , respectively in Pinyin ⟨z⟩, ⟨zh⟩, ⟨j⟩, ⟨c⟩, ⟨ch⟩, and ⟨q⟩), whereas English only has one: /tʃ/. The "ng" reflects the higher commonness of nasals in valuation codas in plenty of varieties of Chinese; because that example, Mandarin only allows or <ŋ> (written ⟨ng⟩ in both English and in romanization that Chinese) in rate codas. One syllable through this form is 中 zhōng, the an initial syllable the 中国 Zhōngguó meaning "China".


Historical usage

While generally intended because that ethnic Chinese, the slur has additionally been directed at other east Asians. Mar Paik Lee, a oriental immigrant who arrived v her family members in san Francisco in 1906, composed in her 1990 autobiography Quiet Odyssey the on her very first day of school, girls circled and hit her, chanting:

Ching Chong, Chinaman, sitting on a wall. Along came a white man, and also chopped his head off.

A variation of this luck is repeated by a young boy in john Steinbeck"s 1945 novel Cannery heat in mockery of a Chinese man. In this version, "wall" is changed with "rail", and the expression "chopped his tail off" is changed to "chopped off his tail":

Ching Chong, Chinaman, sitting on a rail. Along came a white man, and also chopped off his tail.

In 1917, a ragtime piano track entitled "Ching Chong" to be co-written by Lee S. Roberts and J. Will certainly Callahan. Its lyrics had the following words:

"Ching, Chong, five Mister Ching Chong,You room the king the Chinatown.Ching Chong, i love her sing-song,When you have turned the lights every down."

Modern incidents

In December 2002, NBA star Shaquille O"Neal received media flak because that saying "Tell Yao Ming, "Ching chong yang, wah, ah soh"" throughout an interview top top Fox sporting activities Net. O"Neal later on said it to be locker-room humor and also he expected no offense. Yao believed that O"Neal to be joking but said a most Asians would certainly not see the humor. Yao joked, "Chinese is difficult to learn. I had trouble v it when I was little." O"Neal added, "I mean, if i was the an initial one to do it, and the only one to do it, I might see what they"re talking about. However if i offended anybody, i apologize."

On January 24, 2006, comedian Dave Dameshek developed an audio parody of the oriental Excellence Awards for The Adam Carolla Show. The premise that the parody was utilizing the words "ching" and "chong" to mimic the awards show. Branding the segment together demeaning and also racist, several asian American establishments threatened come ask advertisers to retract their support from the present if the terminal did not issue an apology. On February 22, 2006, Carolla check out a quick apology because that the segment. ~ above April 26, 2006, Carolla had actually the head of the Media action Network for eastern Americans, guy Aoki top top his show. Aoki opined the "ching chong" is the tantamount to the "N-word".

On December 5, 2006 comedian and also co-host Rosie O"Donnell of The View provided a series of ching chongs to imitate newscasters in China. O"Donnell make a comment in recommendation to civilization in China talking about Danny DeVito"s drunken illustration on the show, "You know, you deserve to imagine in China it"s like, "Ching-chong, ching-chong. Danny DeVito. Ching-chong-chong-chong-chong. Drunk. The View. Ching-chong."" The eastern American Journalists Association said her comments were "a mockery of the Chinese language and, in effect, a perpetuation of stereotypes of oriental Americans as foreigners or second-class citizens ... And also gives the impression the they space a team that is substandard come English-speaking people". Cindi Berger, O"Donnell"s representative, said: "She"s a comedian in enhancement to gift a talk show co-host. I certainly hope that at some point they will be able to grasp she humor." top top December 14 ~ above The View, O"Donnell said she was unaware the ching chong was an offensive means to make funny of asian accents, and also she was notified it to be on par through the "N-word". She apologized come "those people who feel hurt". Jeff Yang, who tracks Asian and also Asian-American patterns for a sector research firm, said O"Donnell shouldn"t have apologized for people"s pains feelings. "She should have apologized for spreading and encouraging ignorance." O"Donnell warned that "there"s a good chance I"ll execute something prefer that again, more than likely in the next week, not on purpose. Only "cause it"s just how my brain works." Time called it a "pseudo-apology". O"Donnell later on wrote in her autobiography Celebrity Detox: The Fame video game that "I great I had actually been a bit more pure in my public apology."

On January 19, 2011, conservative politics commentator rush Limbaugh mocked Chinese president Hu Jintao throughout his visit come the White residence on his radio show. "Hu Jintao—He to be speaking and they weren"t translating. They typically translate every pair of words. Hu Jintao was just going ching chong, ching chong cha," said Limbaugh, that imitated Hu"s speech for 17 seconds. Representative Judy Chu that California stated that Limbaugh"s words to be the exact same ones that Chinese Americans have heard in the previous 150 years as they confronted racial discrimination while "they were referred to as racial slurs, were spat upon in the streets, derided in the halls that Congress and also even brutally murdered". Brand-new York Assemblywoman elegant Meng said it was Limbaugh"s prerogative to assault Hu, "but at the very same time he offended 13% of brand-new York City"s population". California State senator Leland Yee also criticized Limbaugh for his remarks: "His classless act is an humiliation to end 3,000 year of social history, and also is a slap in the challenge to the numerous Chinese american who have struggled in this country and to a world who constitute one-quarter the the world"s population." Yee inquiry an apology from Limbaugh for what he and others watch as racist and also derogatory remarks. He additionally organized v civil legal rights groups—including Chinese for Affirmative Action, Japanese American citizens League and also the California nationwide Organization for Women—to boycott companies prefer ProFlowers, Sleep Train and Domino"s Pizza the advertise on Limbaugh"s speak show. Yee has actually received threatening messages and likewise received a fax native an unknown sender which do racist comments and called the a Marxist. "Rush Limbaugh will certainly kick her Chink ass and also expose you for the fool you are," part of the memo said.

In in march 2011, UCLA student Alexandra Wallace uploaded a YouTube video clip entitled "UCLA Asians in the library", ranting about the "hordes the Asians" in UCLA that don"t "use American manners". In a rant about Asians speak loudly on a cellphone in the campus library, she mimicked one as saying, "Ohhh! Ching chong ling lengthy ting tong? Ohhh!". She rant motivated heated criticism, not only because of her usage of the "ching chong" stereotype but also because the the timing: a significant tsunami had just arisen in Japan, leading she to complain, "I oath they"re going through their totality families, just checking on everybody native the tsunami thing." end 40 percent the the school"s 36,000 student are asian American and Pacific Islanders. Musician Jimmy Wong uploaded the video, "Ching Chong!: Asians in the Library Song" to YouTube, in response. The video received national coverage. The Sacramento bee wrote, "The students mocked have the right to inspire resentment, jealousy and fear—the kindling of ethnic slurs—because your success is around achievement and also a pathway come status." extr responses had a line of T-shirts featuring the "Ching-chong" slur, v all proceeds going come Red cross relief for the tsunami. UCLA considered the video offensive and also called the "repugnant". The student later on wrote to The day-to-day Bruin, issuing one apology to "the entire UCLA campus". The new York Times released an editorial criticizing the video, however supporting her very first Amendment appropriate to totally free speech. Number of days later, UCLA announced it would certainly not discipline the student, however she withdrew from the university. AsianWeek composed that "any negatives knowledgeable are just a fraction of what oriental Americans have actually experienced because coming to America".

A Colbert Report tweet, in in march 2014, brought the slur back into the limelight. The program was lampooning the debate surrounding the surname of the Washington Redskins football team. The team"s owner, Daniel Snyder, had announced that he to be dedicating a charity for native Americans referred to as "Washington Redskins initial Americans Foundation". In the march 26, 2014 illustration of the Report, Colbert satirized a charity to indigenous Americans utilizing the offensive word "Redskins" in its name, and also stated the he would certainly be beginning his own comparable charity referred to as "Ching-Chong Ding-Dong foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever", including "I owe every this sensitivity come Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Therefore Asians, send her thank-you letter to him, no me." The complying with day, a Twitter account because that the regimen run by Comedy central tweeted, "I am ready to show #Asian community I treatment by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong structure for Sensitivity come Orientals or Whatever" but did not attach to the illustration or provide context for the statement. This easily led to people creating a #CancelColbert hashtag, which lasted till the complying with Monday"s illustration (March 31, 2014) as soon as Colbert described the succession of events, scolded Comedy central for the poorly contextualized tweet, and criticized the offense-takers" haste in their CancelColbert campaign, likewise noting that Dan Snyder"s charity called after Redskins to be ironically not being protested.

During the 2014 organization of Legends people Championship team stage in Taiwan, Team SoloMid jungler Svenskeren registered one account by the surname TaipeiChingChong top top the Garena servers and also was subsequently fined and suspended by riot Games. The incident was likewise criticized by the Taiwanese version of the newspaper to apologize Daily.

In august 2018, voter reported that Michigan state representative Bettie cook Scott urged her supporters, "don"t vote for the ching-chong" in the primary election, referring to she opponent, Stephanie Chang. She later on issued an apology with a representative. She would shed the election and also de facto defaulted she seat ~ the apology till Chang"s inauguration to a Michigan home office charged with representing the district"s to work in the interim period in her place.

In November 2018, Filipino Dota 2 player Carlo "Kuku" Palad to be banned from attending the Chongqing major after typing "ching chong" throughout a live match against Chinese players. He at some point apologized, however did not get his half lifted. This followed an previously event when another Filipino player Andrei "Skemberlu" Ong used the same term during a match with a Chinese team a few weeks earlier.

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In December 2018, American rapper Lil Pump was criticized after using the ax in a teaser because that his then-upcoming single "Butterfly Doors", which also contained the lyric "They call me Yao Ming "cuz mine eyes actual low" with him slanting his eyes. He later on was chided by numerous Asian and Asian-American rappers, such as China Mac and also Awkwafina. Lil Pump ultimately released one apology and edited the end the text from the official music video.

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