One that the things we love come do as soon as meeting someone that speaks an additional language is questioning them come teach us a couple of bad native in their mother tongue, right? And, that course, if you room in the process of studying Brazilian Portuguese, you can be looking front to learning some poor words in Portuguese together well.

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In Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro, we have actually a poor habit of using bad words a lot. Not only once we swear, but additionally to refer the strongness of our feelings — as soon as we are exceptionally happy, once something is also awesome, when we feeling pain…

Of course, we should be cautious. Just because Cariocas prefer to use negative words, the doesn’t mean it is acceptable to usage them in every social situation. And also it is really important for all of us to know the various definitions of the bad words in Portuguese for this reason we perform not usage them inappropriately. 

Let’s learn a couple of bad words in Portuguese!


Someone who is not a great person. Someone who acted in a negative way, hurting people, reasoning only about themselves or making human being feel uncomfortable. Arrombado is a really negative word, that is a referral to the anus that someone. If you desire to use a much more acceptable word with the very same meaning, you can use “vacilão“, which is slang yet not a poor word in Portuguese. (Check much more Brazilian slang, together as vacilão, here.)


Babaca can be offered with the same definition as “arrombado“. Even though it is a poor word, it’s not as negative as the critical one. The person who is dubbed a ‘babaca‘ commonly did miscellaneous stupid yet not as negative as an ‘arrombado‘.


Caralho is among the bad words in Portuguese supplied to explain the male sexual organ. Other negative words in Portuguese through the same meaning are pinto, pau, cacete, rola, piroca, etc. We use words with this exact meaning in a sex-related situation.

However, it is also a poor word offered to curse once you feel pain, as soon as going through a tough time or when you are stressed. We simply shout the word!

Furthermore, this poor word is used to intensify emotions — such together surprise, anger, happiness — and great amounts (example: ‘frio pra caralho‘, method too cold; ‘gente pra caralho‘ means too many people).

There’s likewise an expression, ‘vai agree caralho‘, that in English has the same meaning as ‘go to hell’, yet in a an ext hurtful way. It is commonly used when human being are having an ugly fight.


The anus. There space lots of different expressions using this word. The most popular one is ‘vai tomar no cu‘, which has the same an interpretation as ‘vai pro caralho‘, as discussed above.

Filho da puta

Same thing as ‘son that a bitch’ in English. ‘Puta‘ is an insult to women. Its mrs form, ‘puto‘, could also be used as an humiliation to men, yet it is no that common.


As we have currently mentioned in the ‘15 Brazilian Portuguese adjective Every Beginner should Know‘ blog post, ‘foda‘ can be supplied as an adjective, a verb, or a noun. It’s a very common poor word. However, the still no acceptable to be said throughout formal social gatherings. 

As one adjective, it method something is really cool! offered as a noun, it means the sex-related act. And also as a verb, that is used to insult people.

The expression ‘vai se foder‘ is really common. It basically has actually the same an interpretation as ‘vai tomar no cu‘ or ‘vai pro caralho‘ as pointed out above.

Another well-known expression is ‘foda-se’. It is just one of the most popular negative words in Portuguese, provided when you offer up miscellaneous or just don’t treatment anymore about something/someone.


The formal definition of ‘merda‘ is feces. That is offered as a solitary word to curse when you room angry. It can likewise be supplied in a sentence to refer to something you room really foolish about. (Example: ‘Essa merda de ônibus demora muito a passar‘ = ‘This fucking bus is acquisition too long to gain here.’)


Piranha is a kind of fish. Together a poor word, it has actually the same definition as puta, explained above. It is an insult to women and should no be used. Unfortunately, during the carnival season, it is very common for men to dress up together sexy women and call themselves ‘piranhas‘. Over there are likewise lots of ‘blocos de carnaval‘ dubbed ‘Bloco das Piranhas’, in i m sorry all men dress favor that.

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Probably the most typical of all negative words in Portuguese. It can be used just choose the word ‘merda‘: as a solitary word offered to curse, or in a sentence to increase the emotion of anger. ‘Porra‘ is the vulgar word for semen. 


Now that you understand a lot of negative words in Portuguese, you re welcome be careful of when, where, and how girlfriend will use them. Be cautious of hurting or offending people. This blog post is around teaching friend what this words really mean prior to you usage them with other people.

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