Different varieties of angles exist in nature, and each one of them carries much importance in our daily lives.

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For example, architects and also engineers usage angles when making machines, buildings, roads, and bridges.

In sports, athletes usage angles to boost their performance. Because that example, a person must spin through the disk at a specific angle to litter it far in quick put. In soccer, you need to use a particular angle to happen the ball to the following player.

Carpenters and also artisans additionally use angles to fabricate objects such as sofas, tables, chairs, pails, etc. Artists use angles to sketch portraits and paintings. Fashion designers likewise use angles to come with specific with the ideal outfits. For these reasons, that is, therefore, necessary we discover the different varieties of angles.

(To go through the basic explanation of angles, you have the right to consult the previous article, “Angles.”)

Different species of Angles

Angles room classified based on:


Classification of angles based on their magnitude

There are seven varieties of angles based upon their degree measurement. Lock include:

Zero AnglesAcute AnglesRight AnglesObtuse AnglesStraight AnglesReflex AnglesComplete Angle– Zero Angle

A zero edge (0°) is an angle created when both the angle’s arms room at the very same position.



Classification of angles on the basis of rotation

Based top top the direction that rotation, angles have the right to be classified right into two categories, namely;

Positive AnglesNegative Angles

Positive Angles

Positive angles room the types of angles whose dimensions are bring away in a counterclockwise direction from the base.

Negative Angles

Negative angles room measured in a clockwise direction native the base.


Other types of angles

Apart from the above discussed angles, there room other types of angles well-known as pair angles. Lock are called pair angles since they show up in bag to display a specific property. These are:

Adjacent angles have the exact same vertex and arm.Complementary angles: Pair angles that include up come 90º.Supplementary angles: Pair angle whose sum of angle is equal to 180º.Vertically the contrary Angles. Vertically the contrary angles space equal.Alternate internal Angles: alternate interior angles space pair angles formed when a heat intersects 2 parallel lines. Alternating interior angle are constantly equal to every other.Alternate Exterior Angles: Alternate exterior angles are simply vertical angle of the alternating interior angles. Alternative exterior angles are equivalent.Corresponding Angles: Corresponding angles room pair angles formed when a line intersects a pair of parallel lines. Matching angles are additionally equal to every other.

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We witnessed a brief overview of the different varieties of angles. Next, we will check out the detailed write-ups on the most common varieties of angles (Complementary Angles, Supplementary Angles, etc.).