Roman clothing were do of wool, be crazy into towel by the ladies of the family. Later on the richer civilization had servants to execute this occupational for them. If you could afford to buy clothes, you could buy linen, noodle or silk, which was lugged to Rome from other parts of the Empire. Washing apparel was complicated because the Romans did not have actually washing devices or soap powder. They supplied either a chemical dubbed sulphur or urine.

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These space the garments that Roman men wore

The Toga


This male is put on a toga. Only male citizens of Rome were enabled to stay togas. They to be made out of wool and also were very large. The material was no sewn or pinned but was draped approximately the body and also over one arm. Togas were an extremely expensive due to the fact that of the big amount of material needed to do them and really heavy. It was the legislation that all citizens wore togas because that public events. Lock were also told which colour that toga they had actually to wear:

A plain white toga to be worn by all adult masculine citizens

An off-white toga v a violet border to be worn through magistrates and also upper class boys

A toga make of dark coloured wool to be worn after someone had died

A bleaching toga to be worn by politicians

A violet toga through gold embroidery to be worn through a victorious general and later through emperors.

In later times that became more acceptable to wear togas of various colours through embroidery yet this was frowned on through those who desired to save to the developed order.

The Tunic


The tunic was typical dress because that all males from servants to the nobles. It can be worn plain, belted in ~ the belt or under a cloak. Citizens of Rome would certainly wear a tunic under their toga.

The simplest and also cheapest tunics were made by sewing 2 pieces the wool together to make a tube v holes for the arms. Because that those that might afford that tunics can be made of linen or even silk. The tunic would certainly be worn belted in ~ the waist and also just extending the knees.


Both men and women wore a simple loincloth dubbed a subligaculum under your clothes.



Indoors, the Romans wore open-toed sandals. However, out they wanted to wear pair of shoes that extended their toes. The Romans make shoes and also sandals by addressing strips of animal leather to a hard leather or cork base. Sandals, to it is in worn indoors or in the summer, had actually a smaller variety of leather strips. Shoes for walking, for winter or for soldiers had actually many more leather strips come cover the toes and provide much more warmth.


Men were only permitted to wear one item of jewellery – a ring that was used to make a mark in wax because that sealing documents. However, plenty of ignored the rules and wore number of rings and also brooches to pin your cloaks.


All men had their hair cut short and shaved. After the moment of Hadrian part men began growing beards.

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