1 : knowledge around or study of the natural world based upon facts learned v experiments and also observation contemporary science the regulations of science See much more ExamplesThe program urges students to seek a job in science. A list of terms commonly used in science a new branch/field of science developments in science and also technologyHide

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2 : a specific area of clinical study (such together biology, physics, or chemistry) : a details branch of science Students are required to take 2 sciences. College student majoring in a science
b : something (such together a sport or technique) that may be studied or learned like systematized knowledge have it under to a scientific research
3a : knowledge or a device of expertise covering basic truths or the procedure of general laws especially as obtained and tested v scientific method
b : such knowledge or such a mechanism of knowledge pertained to with the physical world and also its phenomena : natural scientific research
4 : a device or an approach reconciling useful ends with scientific laws cooking is both a science and also an arts

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The Malay tapir, the biggest of the world"s 4 tapir species, remained mainly invisible to scientific research until recently. The other three varieties of these odd, endearing animals all live in south America. — Anthony King, New York Times, 2 June 2009 If over there were any kind of doubt, Golden"s muckraking investigation—he is the Ida Tarbell of college admissions—reveals that nearly every indigenous uttered by to represent of the height colleges about the care and also nuance and science the the lot vaunted admissions process is bunk. — Michael Wolff, New York Times book Review, 17 Sept. 2006 the course, there is both corporate and government-sponsored provide money available for such efforts in science and engineering. And also scientists are offered to working together in laboratories. But in the humanities it was different, said the deans. — David Laurence, Association of departments of English Bulletin, Winter 2004 The newspaper Annales was started in 1929, by Bloch and also Lucien Febvre, two friends conversant v the new sciences that sociology and also geography, psychology and also anthropology. — Stephen Kotkin, New Yorker, 29 Sept. 2003 The program encourages students to pursue a job in science. a list of terms generally used in science a new branch the science breakthroughs in science and also technology college student are required to take 2 sciences. students majoring in a science
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Recent instances on the web Derek steer is co-founder and CEO of mode Analytics, a collaborative platform for business intelligence and interactive data science. — Derek Steer, Forbes, 14 Oct. 2021 However, together science writer and editor Lee Lerner pointed out in the post"s top comment, the story behind it isn"t therefore clear-cut. — Bayliss Wagner, USA TODAY, 13 Oct. 2021 He will certainly be preserved and displayed at The MUSE, a science museum in Trento, wherein Parco Natura Viva"s late white lion, Blanco, is displayed. — Kelli Bender, PEOPLE.com, 13 Oct. 2021 Karmela Padavic-Callaghan is a science writer and educator based in Brooklyn, N.Y. — Karmela Padavic-callaghan, Scientific American, 12 Oct. 2021 The Healy passage, which sought front consent and contains a strong science focus, is about shoring increase the U.S. Partnership with its Arctic allies, and also expanding its understanding of what’s happening in the region. — Sara müller Llana, The Christian scientific research Monitor, 12 Oct. 2021 simply over a dozen Nobel prize winners have actually been Black, and no Black human being male or female has actually won in a science category, follow to Smithsonian. — Miriam Berger, Washington Post, 12 Oct. 2021 Brandi Adoff, inner designer and also quilter behind Brand*Eye Home, and also husband, Dave, a high school science teacher and musician, with their pit-bull mix Winnie Cooper. — Eddie Ross, Better dwellings & Gardens, 11 Oct. 2021 Norris and also her husband room both science teachers, and so much their data says that the ventilation is great in both of their classrooms. — The brand-new York Times, Arkansas Online, 11 Oct. 2021

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History and Etymology because that science

middle English, "knowledge, the capacity to know, learning, branch the knowledge," obtained from Anglo-French science, cience, borrowed from Latin scientia "knowledge, awareness, understanding, branch that knowledge, learning," noun derivative from scient-, sciens, existing participle the sciō, scīre "to know," maybe going ago to Indo-European *skh2-i(e/o)-, current tense development from a linguistic base *skeh2-, *skh2- "cut open, flay" (if sense breakthrough was "cut, incise, mark" > "distinguish" > "know"), whence also Sanskrit -chyati "(s/he) flays, pulls off (skin)" (verbal adjective chātaḥ, chitáḥ) and perhaps Greek scházō, scházein, additionally scháō, schân "to do an incision, open up (a vein), allow flow"

Note: about earlier usage of the words science and also scientist view the reference to the post by Sydney Ross in the note at scientist. — Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben (2. Auflage, 2001) regards Latin sciō as a back-formation from nesciō, nescīre "to no know, it is in unfamiliar with," going earlier to *ne-skH-ii̯e-, a an unfavorable compound from the basic of secō, secāre "to cut, sever, make an incision" (see saw entry 2), going ago to *sekai̯e-, going back to *sekH-i̯e-. M. De Vaan (Etymological dictionary of Latin and also the other Italic Languages, Brill, 2008), on the other hand, hypothesizes that sciō is developed with one athematic suffix indigenous *skh2-, for this reason that together a existing formation it is directly comparable with Sanskrit -chyati. The semantic progression producing a verb definition "know" is in any kind of case questionable, if, as the Indo-Iranian and also Greek proof suggests, the basic *skeh2-, *skh2- way primarily "cut open, flay" (rather 보다 "split, separate"). Ernout and also Meillet (Dictionnaire étymologique de la langue latine) note that when this is the only plausible comparison because that sciō, that is no at all certain ("Le rapprochement avec le groupe de "couper" est en l"air, tout en étant, semble-t-il, le seul possible.")