Have girlfriend come down through a cold (raffreddore)? Or maybe you endure from allergies (allergie)? If so, you might find yourself sneezing an ext than usual!

The word because that a sneeze in Italian is starnuto, which comes from the verb starnutire definition to sneeze.

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IPA: /star·nù·to/

Note: less usual variations are discovered in Italian literature such together the noun sternuto, and also the verb starnutare and sternutire.

Il bebè starnutisce = The baby sneezes

An alternative means of speak to sneeze is fare uno starnuto (lit: to do/make a sneeze).

Perché haifatto uno starnuto? Ti è entrata della polvere nel naso?

Why did friend sneeze? since some dust go up your nose?

There room onomatopoetic indigenous in both languages for the sound a sneeze makes: achoo in English and also etcì / ecci in Italian.

Whereas in English, us say Bless you! ~ a person has actually just sneezed, the Italians speak Salute! which literally way Health!

Etcì! – Salute! Ti sei preso un raffreddore?

Achoo! – Bless you! have you recorded a cold?

A funny (but not an extremely common) expression in Italian is È come fare uno starnuto (It’s like sneezing). It is provided to explain something you were expecting to it is in long and tedious however turned out to be exceptionally straightforward and also easy.

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