To talk about what friend dislike, you deserve to use the negative form of the verbs offered to refer what girlfriend like. To kind the an unfavorable in French, use ne before the verb and also pas ~ the verb .ne i do not care n’ in front of a verb beginning with a vowel sound or one ‘h’):

You have the right to use beaucoup and du tout with je n’aime pas come say just how much you dislike something. If you usage these words, they seek ne ... pas in the sentence:

Je n’ aime pas du tout la viande. ns don’t choose meat in ~ all.

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Il n’ aime pas beaucoup la cuisine nord-africaine. the doesn’t prefer North afri food very much.

Je n’habite pas en France.→ J’habite pas en France. (I nothing live in France.)

Elle n’aime pas les sardines. → Elle aime pas les sardines. (She doesn’t favor sardines.)

Claudette has actually just discovered out what her guests execute not favor to eat. Read her notes and identify all the words and also phrases i m sorry express dislike.


n’aime pas , for Ahmed

n’aime pas du tout , because that Chrystelle

n’aime pas beaucoup , for Benoît

déteste , because that Laura

n’aime pas du tout , for Paul.

Answer the following questions in the negative, using entirety sentences and also ne/n’ … pas, as presented in the example. Psychic to put the an adverse elements in the correct location in your sentences.


Il aime le poulet ? Non, il n’ aime pas le poulet.

Vous êtes docteur ? Non, je ne suis pas docteur.

Vous êtes professeur ?Ils viennent de Montréal ?Vous aimez les huîtres ?Il parle portugais ?Vous avez 35 ans ?Elle habite en Angleterre ?Il est végétarien ?Elles sont étudiantes ?


You should have actually answered together follows.

Non, je ne suis pas professeur.Non, ils ne viennent pas de Montréal.Non, je n’aime pas les huîtres.Non, il ne parle pas portugais.Non, je n’ai pas 35 ans.Non, elle n’habite pas en Angleterre.Non, il n’est pas végétarien.Non, elles ne sont pas étudiantes.

Note the n’ is used instead of ‘ne’ in sentence 3, 5, 6 and also 7 due to the fact that the verbs in question begin with a vowel or an ‘h’.

Claudette’s son, Frédéric, is a an extremely fussy eater. There are plenty of things he i will not ~ eat or drink. Listen to the audio monitor and, putting yourself in Frédéric ’s shoes, answer all the questions in the an adverse following the prompts friend hear.


(You hear) Tu aimes le café, Fred ?

(You hear) (Say no, you carry out not favor coffee.)

(You say) Non, je n’aime pas le café.

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Claudette would favor to invite girlfriend to she dinner party. Compose a short message in French to tell she what type of food girlfriend like and dislike.

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