In Minecraft survive worlds, rabbit hide is one of the main mob drops that seem to heap up in chests without a use.

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Unlike continuous leather — supplied to make books, armor, and also bookcases — hare hide has actually barely any kind of use in modern-day vanilla Minecraft. That is where update 1.17 comes into play. Return the upgrade doesn"t include much usage to the hare hide, it offers the item some use and includes an amazing brand-new addition to the game"s list lineup.

Here is how rabbit hide deserve to be used in Minecraft after ~ the relax of upgrade 1.17 Caves and also Cliffs.

What have the right to be made v rabbit hide in the Minecraft 1.17 update?

Rabbit hide is the core ingredient in among the upcoming item of Minecraft: the bundle. Bundles have actually an extraordinary use in Minecraft and can at some point solve the inventory an are problem that players have actually been subjected to over the past few years.

Bundles work-related like continual Minecraft together they have the right to only host 64 items prior to they fill up the whole slot, but what renders them attractive is they have the right to hold multiple species of items in that bundle to stack up to 64.

Gamers can make a bundle with 6 pieces of hare hide and two piece of string arranged approximately the crafting table. The two components of the string need to take up the peak two corners of the make table GUI, and also the hare hide deserve to fill the rest of the perimeter, as shown below.

What walk the bundle do?
The bundle has actually one particular purpose in Minecraft 1.17: to resolve the inventory trouble for players.

With more and an ext blocks and items being included to Minecraft each year, in enhancement to the continually raising amount the necessities because that exploration, the consistent inventory dimension of 36 slots deserve to feel fairly small. The bundle has actually arrived to shot and deal with that problem.

Players deserve to use the bundle to collect smaller numbers of items into a solitary slot. For example, if a player has tiny quantities of multiple stackable items (such as flowers or blocks), they can collect every one of those items into a single spot utilizing the bundle.

Bundles have the right to hold as much as 64 individual items, for this reason players have the right to potentially placed a solitary unit that 64 various items into a single inventory slot.

What else can rabbit hide make in Minecraft?

Rabbit hide in Minecraft has one other use enforced in the game ever due to the fact that rabbits were introduced.

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Placing 4 rabbit hides in a square using either a make table GUI or a survival crafting list GUI will create one animal leather piece. It may seem choose a waste, yet it works for players who space in a pinch for leather and also cannot access any cows. The crafting cooking recipes is presented below.