My mommy conceived me without gift married, and my father never ever acknowledged me. Ns don"t remember ever before having met mine father.

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What is this type of "biological-only" dad called?



I"m not certain why no one has said it, yet the best answer is ideal in your question:

I may have actually inherited a heart condition from my biological father.

I have actually a situation comparable to the one friend describe, and my totality life this phrase has actually never failed to convey the an interpretation of the genetic-only relationship.


If you"re looking come emphasize his absence of involvement, a typical description for a father-by-biology-only is: "sperm-donor". (US)

Note the this ax is regularly used exterior the context of a official sperm donation arrangement, usually pejoratively, emphasize that biological father go not provide a parenting role.



Try bear father also called a organic parent. It method a organic mother (birth mother) or organic father(birth father).

Here is a an interpretation from an additional site. This site specifies it as the male who was someone’s father when they were born rather 보다 the man who has adopted them. It is closer in an interpretation to what the op asked.

What if her father died prior to you were born? my father's father died before my parents were married, so ns say that I carry out not have actually a head grandfather. So numerous possibilities. I chosen your Comment come the Question.
I"ve heard "absent father" offered in this situation.

In fact, parental lack or absenteeism is recognised in psychology.

I"d say the all that he is, is progenitor.

A human being or thing from i beg your pardon a person, animal, or plant is lower or originates; an ancestor or parent:"his children were the progenitors of many of Scotland’s noble families"

In my mind the properly defines both the role in siring and the absence of any type of involvement afterwards.


You have the right to try:

genetic father

Which suggests that that is just your father in state of genetic material... Sort of prefer the sarcastic use of "sperm donor" however without other potential misleading connotations.

Or if you favor sarcasm and also relying top top the audience inferring the meaning:

invisible father

Unfortunately, the hatchet Baby Daddy appears to it is in the term most used in common practice today. This seems to have actually started v descriptions that celebrities and their children in the tabloids. This term has actually deplorably now gone into the usual nomenclature.

Baby Daddy - slang: the organic father of a woman"s child; especially : one that is not married to or in a long-term, intimate partnership with the child"s mom

I guess: v you can describe them together your estranged biological father

to reason someone to it is in no longer friendly or close to one more person or group


If you"re may be to readjust the usage a bit, I"d market sire. An altering the usage to something more like:

Having been much more sired than fathered, I never knew the man.

helps to differentiate between that alternate meaning of sire, which is a location of respect and also nobility.

There are number of terms, the ideal one to use counts on nuance. To express the connotation that a parent who should have actually been there but wasn"t, usage the (mildly) pejorative ax absentee father.

absentee: a human being who is intended or forced to be existing at a location or event but is not. Google

So many names for this chap. Here"s an additional one: genitor.

The word come up every now and then in Countdown, a letters and also numbers quiz in UK, that"s how I know it.

I have heard this used: Bio-dad.

It is frequently used together pejorative, despite much less powerfully than "sperm donar".

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Most often used to refer to a biological father that is less associated than a step-father, or come a biological father who has little-to-no communication with the child.

Many words have actually been used, yet I don"t think anyone stated that different terms are appropriate for different situations.

"Biological father", or much more unusual "genetic father" just describes the organic situation without any kind of judgement. It will also be used to describe the husband that the wife who raised the child in instances where human being doubt it. "My husband is certainly the child"s organic father".

"Sperm donor" in cases where a masculine was just used to produce a child, without intention on one of two people side for that human to get in the duty as a father.

An "absentee father" is a person who is supposed to it is in there as a father yet isn"t. An absentee father may be lacking since before birth or left yesterday. "Estranged father" is a human who isn"t over there anymore. The "estranged" method he wasn"t always absent.

"Deadbeat dad" is one insult for someone that doesn"t accomplish his legal obligations.

"Baby daddy" is simply ridiculous.

Seems nobody walk think of instances where the organic father doesn"t know he"s the father, where the organic mother doesn"t know he"s the father, whereby the kid is adopted and never meets any type of of their biological parents, or where the mother just finds a much better father for she child.