I’m a member of the Dog Cancer assistance Team & a Dog Cancer Survivor! two of my beloved dogs have had cancer, and with the Dog Cancer survive Guide, Apocaps, and also full spectrum help given with boundless love, both our dogs far surpassed the odds we were given. I’m an animal Health Consultant through a Diploma in pet Healing, and Assistant Instructor through the Healing pets Organization (MHAO). I’m passionate to help dogs and also their people get v this journey. Early I inquiry the Team exactly how I could help, and also here i am.

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One because that the Boys

Intact males (those who have not been neutered) may, in later years be more prone to bladder, prostate or testicular cancer. Dr. Ettinger’s article “Spay/neuter and also the association through cancer in dogs: component one” discusses the pros and cons that neutering in more detail, and also is a wonderful read.

When my an elderly boy approached his 12th birthday us had already experienced the ns of his girlfriend to a different cancer the vault year. It was devastating, but it made united state smarter. By reading The Dog Cancer Survival overview I learned the early signs of many cancers, so I could guard versus them. Due to the fact that our boy had never to be snipped, I mutual my concerns with my vet and asked whether I have to watch for signs. He responded “Absolutely. Examine the consistency that his testicles (testes) and the form of his poo”.

Excuse me? but yes, an early sign of any type of internal growths in ~ the rectum is as soon as the feces take on a flattened form as the substance provides its method out that the body. And also the testes? Pre-cancerous conditions are often discovered when one or both begin to harden or readjust shape.

Upon finding out this, mine partner and also I looked at each other, paused a moment, and also decided. “You watch the poo, I’ll inspect the rest” i said. Mine vet confirmed me what the healthy testicle have to feel choose on mine dog. The organization of both testes should feel choose a an extremely firm grape through the same texture throughout. There is but a natural, harder part at one finish of each teste, which is meant to be there, so ns was glad ns had professional instruction.

I began the consistent practice of check his “bits” in the privacy of ours home. And also although it appeared sort of funny, and also we didn’t really talk about it at dinner parties, a few months later I was glad i didn’t shirk indigenous the fairly weird task. Someday I uncovered that among my dog’s testes had actually started to feel an ext solid 보다 before, and different come the various other teste. Us took him to our vet who confirmed “yes, time to have actually those off”. Us detected the cancer sign early and got rid the it for our dog’s 12th birthday. (Sorry boy!) I can add, the just celebrated his 16th birthday, and also we’re pretty certain that without that early on detection it can have been a various story.

What to execute If You find a bump or bump on her Dog:


Are girlfriend confused about when, and also when not to sterilize her dog? Dr. Dressler help to clarify this subject in his informative, “Can We prevent Dog Cancer?” seminar. Acquire your copy today!

When you’re ship rubbing, don’t leave any stone unturned, as they say. Her male dog will honestly no mind, and also it’s as much as you who you tell around it. If you discover a lump, hard area or any changes, make the appointment with your vet as soon as possible. Obtain it checked, ruled out or confirmed. If surgical treatment is shown it is a much less invasive procedure than some others, and also your dog will barely know anything changed. We were therefore happy to have captured a potential trouble with our young as soon as the developed.

Happy Tails!


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I’m a member the the Dog Cancer assistance Team & a Dog Cancer Survivor! two of mine beloved dog have had cancer, and also with the Dog Cancer survive Guide, Apocaps, and full spectrum aid given v boundless love, both our dogs much surpassed the odds us were given. I’m an pet Health Consultant through a Diploma in pet Healing, and Assistant Instructor through the Healing animals Organization (MHAO). I’m passionate to aid dogs and also their people get with this journey. Early on I request the Team exactly how I could help, and also here i am.

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Michelle D Hailey on in march 7, 2019 in ~ 4:51 pm


Thanks for a wonderful article. I have actually a 14 year old undamaged Male Shepherd. Yesterday in ~ his routine check up the vet noticed that one of his testicles were larger than the other. He said his hunch was that it was more than likely cancer. My dog has been with a many spinal surgery and also shoulder displacement repair 2 years back and he’s been a trooper. I’m torn ns don’t want to take it him through much much more as I know to diagnose the testicle has to be eliminated correct? What would you recommend because that a dog in ~ this age that has actually weathered so plenty of storms. Any type of feedback is appreciated.

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Carolyn Phillips on June 24, 2018 in ~ 1:03 pm

June 24, 2018, I have actually a small dog around 6 or 7 yrs. Old. We acquired him together a rescue and also he was already fixed. We’ve had actually him now going top top 4 yrs. A couple of days earlier i i found it a bump on his belly around the dimension of a quarter and hard close come his penis. But as shortly as he relocated it disappeared. I’ve watched it once an ext but again before I can get a snapshot or present my husband the dog moves and the lump disappears. I have actually gently feeling his tummy however found nothing. Because he’s to be spayed he do not do it have any testicle tumors yet this bump is rather large and tough to the touch. Mine husband is not worried but I am. The reality that it keeps disappearing is another an excellent concern. Any kind of comments or help is appreciated.