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I to be at a tractor museum yesterday and noticed some diesel engines v spark plugs. The first was an international TD-14 farm yard tractor v an inline 4 engine. The fuel tank was labeled diesel and the left side of the engine had actually a mechanically fuel injection mechanism as you would expect yet the best side had a spark ignition system. Is this really a diesel or is the tank mislabeled and also its a mechanically fuel injected gaser? I likewise noticed numerous cat bulldozers that were diesel yet had some kind of a machine on the left next of the engine that had spark plugs. What is it?Dave
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Whats a pony motor? on the cat engines that did look favor some sort of auxiliary engine however the international had actually a spark plug because that each cylinder with a distributor cap and also everything, certainly not an assistant engine.Dave
The IH was most likely an all fuel, start on gas then switch come diesel.The Pony engine starts ~ above gas, then you gradually engage it to turn over the diesel engine
1986 F-250: 6.9L XL 4x4, 4.10 rear, 4 speed, Wellman GPs, 127,000 and also chuggin along like new1985 Mercedes 300SD: everyday Driver, right piped:armed: www.Fordemblem.com van EmblemsMy Truck and also My Yamaha Tri-Z
I take it it this is because that cold weather beginning in location of light plugs. Ns did notice there to be no plugs top top the older tractors and also dozers.Thanks because that the info, the was really racking my brain.Dave
What they have is a third valve in the cylinder which opens up to an extra chamber v the spark plugin it. This lowers the compression and also the engine starts and runs on gas at first to warmth itself up, climate you move some levers to close the valve and engage the injection pump once it is heat enough. Not a pony engine at all but along the exact same lines, it was International"s answer to the starter/cold begin problem.Birken

They to be a quite slick mechanism - IHC supplied it for fairly a few years. This was ago in the work of not-so-great batteries and also most the rural America didn"t have electricity. The farm yard ran TD-18"s for many, countless years - there"s quiet a pair sitting approximately here. Among "em, mine grandfathers, has a light blade I press some snow with occasionally. Ns can obtain it running in below zero weather through a jump start from a pickup. Start it ~ above low-compression gas mode, let that run till it"s warm to the touch, climate yank the lever that closes the "gas" chamber valves (& disengages the mag) while opened the throttle. Pops appropriate off.
start it top top low-compression gas mode, let it run until it"s heat to the touch, climate yank the lever that closes the "gas" room valves (& disengages the mag) while opened the throttle.
Yep, we had actually an IH 450D field tractor ~ above our farm in north Dakota the I thrived up on that had actually this system. Ns still remember this. It"s kind of prefer walking and chewing gum at the same time in stimulate to begin the tractor. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif
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