The watchman travel guide Beowulf and also his guys fromthe coast to the mead-hall, Heorot, wherein he take away his leave. Aherald named Wulfgar, that is renowned because that his wisdom, stops Beowulfand asks him to state his organization with Hrothgar. Beo wolf introduceshimself and also requests come speak come the king. Wulfgar, impression withthe group’s appearance and also bearing, take away Beowulf’s blog post immediatelyto Hrothgar. Hrothgar speak Wulfgar the he remembers beowulf fromwhen he was a young boy and recalls his friendship with Beowulf’sfather, Ecgtheow. He says that he has actually heard story of Beowulf’s greatprowess—one story holds that the Geat has actually the strength of thirtymen in every of his hands—and wishes that beowulf has come to helpthe Danes against Grendel. The orders Wulfgar come welcome the Geatsto Denmark.

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Beowulf comes prior to Hrothgar, whom he greets solemnly. Beowulfrecounts some of his past glories and also offers to fight Grendel unarmed.Hrothgar recounts a feud during which Beowulf’s father eliminated Heatholaf,a member of the Wulfing tribe. Hrothgar sent treasure to the Wulfingsto mend the feud, and Beowulf’s dad pledged his allegiance toHrothgar. Hrothgar then accepts Beowulf’s sell to hit Grendel,though he advises him that many heroes have died in the mead-halltrying to battle the monster. That invites the Geats come sit and enjoya feast in Heorot through the Danish warriors.

At the feast, a Dane called Unferth, envious that his kinsmen’s admirationof Beowulf, starts to taunt the Geat. He cases that beowulf oncelost a swimming match versus Breca and also that beowulf will accomplish withdefeat because that a 2nd time as soon as he deals with Grendel in the mead-hall.Unruffled, beo wolf accuses Unferth that drunkenness and also describeshis very own version of what happened in the swimming match. Carryingswords to safeguard themselves versus sea monsters, he and also Breca hadstruggled in icy waters for 5 days and five nights once suddenlyBeowulf uncovered himself traction under by a monster. After ~ slaying themonster and eight various other sea beasts, beo wolf was to wash ashore onthe coastline of Finland. Beowulf notes the neither Unferth nor Brecacould have actually survived together an adventure and also mocks Unferth by pointingout his noticeable helplessness versus Grendel.

Beowulf’s to trust cheers the totality hall, and soon thewarriors space laughing and drinking happily. Wealhtheow, wife of Hrothgarand queen of the Danes, enters v the ceremonial goblet, whichshe provides to anyone in the room. She thanks God for sending Beowulfto hit Grendel, and Beowulf replies through a official boast, statingthat he will either differentiate himself v a heroic deed or diein the mead-hall. Pleased, Wealhtheow takes she seat beside Hrothgar.

When night falls, the Danes leave the hall to Beowulfand his men. Beowulf lays aside his weapons and also removes his armor,restating his intention come fight Grendel unarmed. He states that heconsiders self to be as dangerous as Grendel. Beowulf lies downto wait, if his fearful men lie awake, doubting that any type of of themwill live to view morning. In the dark night external the hall, Grendel approachesstealthily, creeping towards the little band of Geats.

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The two digressions in this section—Hrothgar’s story ofhis former association through Beowulf’s father and Beowulf’s storyof his swim match versus Breca—help to burned light ~ above the mainstory by refining the reader’s knowledge of the german heroiccode the values. In Hrothgar’s story the his ahead associationwith Beowulf’s father, we learn that over there is a background of duty betweenthese two families. This anecdote describes the principle of the wergild, or “death-price,” a set price the one pays, together Hrothgar go onEcgtheow’s behalf, to compensate the kin of everyone a warrior haskilled. Paying the price of a man’s life is the only means to store thecycle the vengeance the characterizes a feud from proceeding indefinitely.Such a payment replaces the volley that violent retaliation through anexchange that obligation. For this reason Beowulf is at Heorot both come avengethe fatality of so countless Danes at the hands of Grendel and also to dischargehis father’s debt to Hrothgar.