Hello HPA! I"m back with one more blog, today I will certainly be mentioning a somewhat visited topic. Why Hermione Granger"s Yule ball dress was pink in the film"s, rather blue favor in the books. I am one of plenty of who thinks the her dress should have been blue, but after law some research I involved realize why the costume developers had to adjust it. Let"s gain into it!

~°Yule ball Theme°~

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In the books the Yule ball decorations and such were described in shades of icy blue, white, and shades the grey. We later see that in the film"s and also are wowed at just how well it looks, fine if Hermione"s dress would have been blue that would have been a bit different, you see we already know based on the books and also movies that both Cho Chang and also Fleur Delacour were wearing sliver colored dresses to the Yule Ball. That would have actually made an ext sense to put Hermione in a color other than different shades of blue, grey, or various other colors the fit into the same color zone together the Yule Ball, putting her in a dress of shades the pink helped her stand the end to the various other girls. Take Padma and also Parvati because that an example, they had actually colors the pink and orange, and also if you look very closely in The Goblet the Fire, girlfriend see just how easy it is to watch them from much away, as their dresses clash v the Yule ball theme. No to cite the truth that the Beauxbatons institution uniform is a greyish blue simular come Hermione"s dress so there wouldn"t be lot of a wow variable if she had a blue dress.

~°It gave Her A more Feminine Look°~


I don"t desire to be all boys wear blue and girls wear pink but I feel this tyes in with Hermione"s dress in a way. In the publications Hermione in talked around as no that attractive and also not really caring about her appearance at all, yet at this one minute in the books she decides to do her hair and look her finest for the ball. Also she is type of explained as no attractive in the sense that sue fits in v the guys, I median Harry and Ron to be her just friends for her at an early stage years at hogwarts so she was sort of considered to be among them, I understand this was a joke however take the "Oi Hermione her a girl" for an example again I know that was a hoax it"s just interesting with Rons choice of native to obtain her attention. The moment of the Yule sphere was claimed to be she Cinderella moment making her the many pretty girl in ~ the Yule Ball and also giving she a flowy pink gown to do the male characters see she as more of a young woman.

~°It Relates To other Outfits and Can can Relate To she Skin ton °~

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This does walk over people"s heads and also only some civilization really realize it but Hermione and Rons robes rather matched in the film"s. Hermione again in The Goblet the Fire film had actually a pink dress and Rons robes were described and also shown to have a little pink lace ~ above them, hence making that so the if Hermione and Ron would have went come the Yule sphere together castle would have actually matched like what couples perform at prom. Also Hermione in the film"s is checked out wearing pink a lot, from her pink sweatshirt in The sinner Of Askaban to her pink and white striped shirt in The stimulate Of The Phoenix, like exactly how Harry mostly wears blue and also Ron largely wears red. Another thing is that many human being think that Hermione"s skin ton was no pale choose Emma Watson, i myself to be not sure what ns think about that, however I understand that thinking, Hermione"s dress in the books was explained as a periwinkle and also having Emma Watson playing Hermione, periwinkle would have washed Emma Watson out. Going father right into this if Hermione"s skin ton is no fair she would have actually looked much better in the publications rather if she would have worn a blue dress in the movies.