I’ve always wondered why Coca Cola is brown, and I’m certain you are curios too – so currently that I carried it up.

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let me sheathe the factors why

So, why is Coca Cola brown in color? Coca cola is brown due to the fact that it contains added caramel color.

Caramel shade is a typically used food coloring, and also is noted on the Coca Cola label.

The kola nut, i m sorry is the beginning of words cola has a red-brown color, and also was likely the incentive behind the colors provided in Coca Cola’s branding.

The kola nut which has the genus ‘Cola’ has caffeine, and also was historically provided as one extract in beverages.

Also, the Coca Cola drink has actually an interesting history, through a lot of true and not so true stories about how it involved be.

So, below, i will describe the origins of the Coca Cola brand, it’s color, what caramel color is, and other interesting facts around Coca Cola.

What shade was the first Coca Cola?


The shade of the first Coca Cola is the same color it is today.

There is a common myth the the first Coca Cola to be green.

But, this has actually been shown to be false, according to the official Coca Cola website that Ireland.

The Coca Cola brand has a rich and also long background all the method back come the 1880’s once it was an initial invented.

Coca Cola was produced as one extract and syrup through a pharmacist called John S. Pemberton.

According, to the Coca Cola agency official website, grandfather Pemberton assumed that using alliteration – the letter ‘c’ at the start of every word – do it simple to remember.

And would lead to far better sales the his drink Coca Cola.

Later, the parted with his secret recipe, and patents.

The kola seed is red-brown in color

The kola nut is native to tropical tropical of Africa, which contains caffeine, and also is provided as an ingredient in beverages.

As you may be conscious there are numerous different brand of cola drinks, and also according to Wikipedia, the ax cola has acquired the surname of the kola nut.

The kola nut has actually a red brown color, and also in my opinion was the motivation behind the selection of color for the drink – a browny red – and also the patent red label.

This was liked so that it fits with the surname Coca Cola, an interpretation a cola drink the is made utilizing kola seed extract however with a catchy an initial part of the brand name.

Interestingly, ‘Kola extract’ or the kola seed aren’t listed as one of the ingredient in Coca Cola today.

Now the it’s very popular, and also people were familiar with the brand, it renders sense to leaving it the exact same color.

That means it’s much easier for your customers to acknowledge it in stores, quite than having actually to hunt around for it.

Which would certainly make part customers offer up, and also lead to less sales.

The recipe isn’t provided out because it has a unique taste, and also from a service perspective that isn’t wise to do it openly available.

Otherwise, civilization could straight copy it, charge less, and also compete through Coca Cola directly.

In my opinion Coca Cola is therefore popular, due to the fact that it has actually a unique taste that isn’t uncovered in any kind of of the various other drinks ~ above the market.

On the Coca Cola brand is created ‘caramel color’.

Which reflects where some of it’s shade comes from.

But, in the specific ingredients list just ‘flavor’ is written.

Therefore, that is difficult to say specifically where the brown color of Coca Cola come from.

Because other ingredients that consist of the ‘flavor’ component of the drink might contain ingredients that offer the drink that color.


If red dye is offered it would have to comply v the food safety regulations of each individual country where that is sold.

Caramel coloring is a usual additive in drinks and other food to provide them a brown color, follow to Wikipedia.

Interestingly different labels because that cans and also bottles of Coca Cola from roughly the people contain different ingredients.

For example, part list cane sugar as an ingredient, whereas others don’t have this ingredient and list high fructose corn syrup instead.

I newly wrote one article around whether Coca Cola offers corn syrup wherein I go into more detail about this fact.

As well together an explanation around the differences in ingredients offered in Coca Cola about the world.

You can read that write-up by clicking here Does Coca Cola usage corn syrup?


Interestingly caramel shade is in large demand in east Asia wherein it is supplied in sauces.

And its usage in sauce is bigger than its use in beverages.

As an instance it is provided in foods items such together the straw-like cacao wafer sticks make by brand such together Pirouline.

I was surprised to find out that caramel color is additionally widely supplied in:

BeerBrown breadChocolateCookiesCustardBrandyRumWhiskyPicklesSweetsVinegar

There space four different classifications that caramel color, and also each form is used for various foods.

This is since they taste different and have different properties.

In mine opinion, the caramel coloring supplied in Coca Cola is likely similar to what is recognized as group 150d / E150d.

This is because it that group of caramel coloring doesn’t have actually a solid flavor, stop up well in alcohol, and is generally used in carbonated drinks.

As an beside this kind of caramel colour is additionally used in balsamic vinegar, prompt coffee, coco syrup, soups, sauces, and also seasonings.

Unique caramel color can additionally be made to order by suppliers such together DDW Color.

This company specialized in caramel coloring when soft drinks began to end up being incredibly popular. And have remained in operation because 1885.

You can see the different types of caramel coloring they now produce here.

Related funny and cool things around Coca Cola

Because Coca Cola has actually been approximately a long time, and is a family members name, over there are numerous funny and also interesting things discovered around it.

Dissolving a coin in Coca Cola

I remember as soon as I was growing up world would say if you leave a coin in a glass that Coca Cola it will dissolve.

However, i doubt this walk happen due to the fact that the gas that provides Coca Cola fizzy – CO2 – and also gives that it’s acidic features will escape from Coca Cola within a day.

You could have noticed this once you leave a carbonated drink such together coke, or beer open up for a lengthy time in the fridge, and also it came to be flat.

That isn’t come say the if the coin is retained in a sealed bottle, it won’t work.

I composed all the details about this phenomenon in one more article titled ‘What can Coke Dissolve?’.

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Coca Cola and also Mentos

Another amazing thing around Coca Cola is that once you put Mentos into a party of it, it create a chemical reaction the produces a enormous amount that foam.