Professional basketball player. Born: august 21, 1936, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died: October 12, 1999. Bel Air, California.

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Born in Philadelphia in 1936, Wilton Norman Chamberlain to be sickly as a child. He had no interest in basketball but was participated in track and also field instead. The was always tall, reaching a height of 6 feet by period 10 and also 6 feet 11 inches once he gone into high school. At some point he grew to be 7 feet 1 inches tall. He turned come basketball in high school. As a young player the earned nicknames that complied with him the remainder of his life: wilt the Stilt and Goliath, both the which the detested, and Dippy, Dipper, or huge Dipper (his favorite), which described his dipping his head as he went with doorways.

Chamberlain moved to Kansas in 1955 come play basketball in ~ the university of Kansas whereby he average 30 points per game. He was twice called All-American. He decided to revolve pro ~ his junior year yet could not go into the NBA due to the fact that of their regulations. Rather he join the Harlem Globetrotters because that a year.

He was drafted by the Philadelphia warriors in 1959. He to be traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in 1965, and also eventually come the Los Angeles Lakers in 1968. He to be a leading force in basketball during his 14 year career, creating countless records. One of his greatest gamings was on march 2, 1962, when he score 100 points against the new York Knicks. During his whole career, he never fouled out. His prominence of the game precipitated several dominance changes, including widening the lane, instituting offensive goaltending and also revising rules governing inbounding the ball and also shooting complimentary throws.

Chamberlain retirement from basketball in 1973. The branched out into countless pursuits, consisting of coaching basketball, investing in stocks and real estate, playing expert volleyball, running marathons, creating his memoirs, opened a Harlem night club, making various commercials, and playing a villainous warrior and counterpart the Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Conan the Destroyer (1984). He died at his house in Bel Air, California, of congestive heart fail on October 12, 1999.

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