It"s the can be fried tag team for fans. 24/7 On demand has joined pressures with Comcast to bring the world"s largest skilled wrestling library straight to fans" life rooms. From standard matches, to behind-the-scenes coverage, to Superstar and also Legend profiles, more than 40 hrs of sports-entertainment programming will certainly be obtainable On Demand, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to 24/7 On demand subscribers.

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Comcast Digital Cable customers will have instant accessibility to programming indigenous the, ECW, NWA, AWA and Smoky hill Wrestling archives, i m sorry encompasses an ext than 75,000 hours of footage. Each month the programming is updated, for this reason pan will always find something new to watch through 24/7 ~ above Demand. Comcast is the nation"s leading provider the cable, entertainment and also communications products and also services, v 23.3 million cable customers, 10 million high-speed net customers and 1.6 million voice customers.

"Comcast"s top top Demand organization has changed the means people clock television, and 24/7 On need will perform the same for the countless wrestling fans across the country," said web page Thompson, an elderly Vice President and also General Manager of video clip Services for Comcast. "With anytime access to thousands of an excellent matches and also wrestling shows, viewers deserve to relive the rich background of and enjoy your favorite moments whenever lock want."

Added Shane McMahon, executive, management Vice President, global Media, "Now, fans and also Comcast customers from throughout the nation can relive the standard wrestling moments and also enjoy the exploits of their favorite superstar from yesteryear. 24/7 On need will lug The stole Sheik, Sgt. Slaughter, Jesse Ventura and also Greg Valentine earlier to life because that the jar fans, and also introduce our huge archive that rarely-seen product to a whole new generation. This is the very first of plenty of ways we hope come bring more new content to ours fans v partners favor Comcast."

Each month, the 40 hrs of exclusive 24/7 On need programming will fall into the complying with six categories:

• hall of Fame: This initial monthly series celebrates the job of a featured hall of reputation inductee, highlighting classic shows, matches and also moments that the Legend.

• big ones: classic events from, NWA, WCW, ECW and AWA are offered encore broadcasts, highlighting Championship matches, classic moments and also the greatest Superstars.

• Specials: This function spotlights the finest of"s programming originally created for network or video release.

• ECW: ECW Extremist Tazz hosts a documentary-style background of ECW, tracking ECW"s mission to bring "Hardcore" back into the ring.

• element Time: standard shows, such as "Tuesday Night Titans" and also "Prime Time Wrestling," are presented in your entirety.

• Shorties: A collection of epos feuds, well known promos, parodies and an ext will be highlighted each month.

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With these many features and extended hours of programming, the 24/7 top top Demand/Comcast partnership important brings fans the ultimate residence viewing experience.