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need 2 no what else fits a 5x115 bolt patter
hi ns am shopping because that rims because that my 1988 bonnie sse and also i must no what will fit.what is a good size pickled in salt 17"" or 18"" i want rims yet still desire it to manage good.?and i likewise need come no what rather fits a 5 x 115 bolt patten. Ns think it is my size.? any information would certainly really aid thanks . Pics will come shortly with the brand-new paint and also custom bra with ventshades top top the windows and my homemade custom taillights through my system.. Many thanks for the help..

i recognize that something of a bonneville will fit ~ above it, and also i believe it is 5x115. Not certain what will rub or not due to the fact that i believe you either have actually 15 or 16 inch rims ~ above it now so judge by the i would say, however ive never put any after industry rims on my car so possibly some of the various other members will certainly chime in and assist with your questions an ext thorughly
I"ve obtained some for sale. They were only used for a week prior to I changed my mind. They space the polished aluminum 5x115 sample 17".

yes i have the stockers. There painted all white to enhance the share rims room 16"" and also to the member through the 17"" sleek aluminum rims i want to no how much room you asking and where space you located.. Thanks.. John. Very interested in buying some rims..

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Any of GM"* big cars, will fit the bolt pattern. Anything GM FWD, not the RWD ones. Many of Cadillacs, FWD appropriate to 2005? 2006? will certainly fit. As long as it has the 5 by 115 mm bolt pattern.One thing though. You certain you wanna put 17"* on? part guys have actually said the was not worth it, as it might"ve to be stiffer on unstable roads, etc. I suppose it all counts where you live. I"m placing 16"* on mine lesabre soon.
You can fit 18s top top your vehicle if you wanted to, that the tires that recognize if the wheels/tire combo will certainly fit. 17 customs wheels/tires can make your car handle a little bit better, at the expense of a firmer ride because of less rubber ~ above the rim. Personally I would go through 17"* just for the looks. I have 16"* now and also I wish they to be 17"* yet It all comes down to exactly how much execute you want to spend. Those polished rims space beautiful!
Nobody else may say it, but I"ve been to run Ford 5x114.3s because that over 10k miles and no worries at all. The doesn"t ache the studs or anything, and also they stay "hub centric"

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