Tanya is the owner of two feisty ferrets and also one cat. She has actually studied pet health and dedicated volunteer time in numerous shelters.

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Do Ferrets Stink?

Ferrets are very clean animals and groom themselves transparent the day, much like a cat. However, there room times as soon as your ferret may need a bath. The frequency of shower will rely on her situation, but the MAXIMUM need to be as soon as a month. This is preferred due to the fact that ferrets have sensitive skin which deserve to dry the end easily. Bathing your ferret has actually nothing to execute with obtaining rid of their odour and more about gaining rid of their itchy skin, cooling lock down, or washing them if they have obtained into something lock shouldn't have.

Why your Ferret might Need a Bath

Your small stinker has acquired into something (garbage, dirt, flood something on themselves).In some dry climates, ferrets' skin dries out and becomes itchy. One oatmeal bathtub is an excellent for this.When it is hot, a cool water bath will aid your ferret feeling better.A flea bath might be required if your ferret contract fleas.

Ideally, shot to limit your ferret's continual baths to 3 or 4 time a year. Don't worry if you have a little one who likes to acquire into stuff! Extra baths won't hurt them—just it is in on the watch for skin irritation!

Gather her Supplies

The first thing you have to do is gather and prepare whatever near the bath or sink. Friend don't desire to have to leave her ferret unsupervised while you run and also grab something.


Choose a tenderness shampoo. There are several ones made specifically for ferrets; however, you can use a cat/kitten shampoo or also baby shampoo. Many people prefer the baby shampoo and also find the it helps relieve the dry, itchy skin her ferret can get.


If your ferret isn't dirty, yet you are simply trying to give him some relief, friend can offer him one oatmeal bath. Do not use instant oatmeal. You want to acquire the raw oats, pave them up in a satchel or cloth, and let them soak in the water.

Other items you will want:

TowelsFace towel (optional)Toys (optional)Treats (optional)Cup for rinsing (optional)

How to Bathe her Ferret

Run the Bath

You can pick to bathe her ferret in the bath tub or in a sink, whatever works finest for you. There room two points to keep in mind. A ferret's body temperature is very high and also sits roughly 38C come 39C (101F come 103F). So what feels heat to you in reality feels cold to your ferret. Usage water the is close to what girlfriend would usage for a hot bath.

Start by to run the water.Fill the bathtub up just a few inches and also make certain they have the right to touch the bottom—especially if you room not sure if your ferret likes water or not.Some ferrets love water and may desire to swimming around. Others will fight and shot everything they have the right to to gain out.

Put Them right into the Water

Slowly reduced your ferret right into the water. Talk to lock calmly and happily. Keeping a patience tone will help your ferret, particularly if they space afraid. Gain their body completely wet. You can use a cup to pour water end them, your hands, or a cloth.

Take a small amount the shampoo and also lather your tiny fuzzy up. Be cautious to keep the shampoo from acquiring in their eyes, yet if friend do, merely rinse that out ideal away. You want to make sure their tail and also belly space cleaned well (as they acquire a the majority of oil buildup here).

Rinse castle Off

After your ferret is every scrubbed up, you need to rinse the fur very well. Leftover soap can reason their skin come dry the end quickly. There are a couple of ways to carry out this.

If you have actually a water-loving, patience ferret, you can drain the tub/sink and also refill it v fresh water. A quicker method is to save clean water with you in a bottle or jug and also use that to to water over her ferret. Or you have the right to turn the insanity on and hold castle under the water.

Rub the fur and rinse that well.Use her hand or a towel to wash approximately their faces.Do not pour water straight on their head.

The Oatmeal Bath

If you are not law a complete shampoo bath and just desire to give them an oatmeal soak, the procedure is only slightly different.

When you run the bath, placed your bag the oatmeal right into the water and let it soak because that a few minutes, letting the water acquire murky with the oatmeal. Put your ferret in the bath and simply pour and rub the oatmeal water almost everywhere him, rubbing it right into their coat and skin. Allow them sit in the water for a small while and then provide them a fast rinse.


Drying Time! currently for the Fun!

Drying a ferret after the bathtub is incredibly entertaining. Ferrets like to dry themselves in a crazy, erratic way.

Be sure to lay down some towels. You may want to give them an area come dry off in, or just let them operation around. One of two people way, girlfriend will have a great laugh.Start by giving them a fast drying with a towel to gain as much water off together possible. They normally won't forgive it because that long.Let castle go. They will run and also rub themselves all over.

And We are Clean!

Your ferret is now clean. This adventure might have left girlfriend wet, yet it is precious it to have actually a happy and also clean ferret!

This post is accurate and true to the ideal of the author’s knowledge. The is not expected to substitute because that diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and also individualized advice native a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and also symptoms of distress need to be checked out by a veterinary immediately.


Elizabeth on June 15, 2019:

How lengthy do friend let them soak in the oatmeal bath?

Thank You.

Tanya from Alberta, Canada top top October 11, 2018:

Thanks because that the comments! I've never tried that brand the Oatmeal shampoo. Something I will look right into trying!

I personally usage the FerretSheen shampoo for their baths.

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Isaac Ince from USA ~ above October 10, 2018:

I have actually a beloved ferret, and I everyday bathe her utilizing Oatmeal dog shampoo. I always bought that from Amazon https://www.bestferretcages.com/best-ferret-shampo... That is a relief her to do the new and active whole day. Shower is essential for everyone for person and likewise animal both.