87 is one of those unique two-digit number that have two element numbers together its just pair factors, besides 1 and also the number itself. Components of 87 room the numbers which, when multiplied in pairs, provide the product as 87. These components can be an unfavorable as well. It also is a composite number, which method that it has actually several factors. In this lesson, we will certainly calculate the factors of 87, prime determinants of 87, and factors the 87 in pairs in addition to solved examples for a far better understanding.

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Factors the 87: 1, 3, and 29Prime Factorization of 87: 87 = 1 x 3 x 29

1.What are the components of 87?
2.How to calculation the determinants of 87?
3.Factors the 87 by element Factorization
4.Factors of 87 in Pairs
5.FAQs on factors of 87

Factors that 87 room the numbers the leave the remainder 0 when 87 is being split by them. Let"s an initial see the numbers that completely divide 87. The optimistic numbers space 1, 3, 29, and 87 which divide 87 completely. The negative numbers space -1, -3, -29, and -87 i beg your pardon divide 87 completely.

To calculation the components of 87, we can use different methods prefer prime factorization and the department method. In prime factorization, us express 87 as a product the its prime factors and also in the department method, we see what numbers divide 87 exactly. The element factorization that 87 is utilizing a aspect tree technique as displayed below:


The rectangle represents a composite number and also circles stand for prime numbers.

So, element factorization of 87 = 3 × 29

Now the we have actually done the element factorization that 87, we can multiply them and get the various other factors. Have the right to you try and uncover out if all the factors are spanned or not? and as you could have currently guessed, because that prime numbers, there space no various other factors.

Important Notes

The components of 87 room 1, 3, 29, and 87.87 is one odd number and has all determinants as one odd number. This property holds true because that every weird number.

Pair determinants are the factors of a number offered in bag which, as soon as multiplied together, provide that original number.

The pair factors of 87 would be the 2 numbers which, once multiplied together, an outcome in the value 87.

The adhering to table represents the pair factors of 87.

ProductPair factors
1 × 87 (1,87)
3 × 29(3,29)

Since the product the two negative numbers is positive.

So, (-1,-87) and (-3,-29) are likewise factor pairs of 87.

We begin by trying to find the the smallest prime number which can divide 87 leaving the remainder 0.

As 87 is one odd number, it will certainly not be divisible by 2.

Now, the sum of digits in the number 87 is 8 + 7 = 15, i m sorry is divisible through 3.

So, 87 will likewise be divisible by 3.


We attain 29 on splitting 87 by 3. The factors of 29 are 1 and also 29 itself. Because it has actually only 2 factors, it"s a prime number. So, us have 3 and also 29 together the prime components of 87.

Example 1 Peter is investigating if 90 and 87 room co-prime numbers. How will he have the ability to do that?


Two numbers space co-prime if their GCF is 1.

Factors of 90 = 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 18, 30, 45, and 90

Factors of 87 = 1, 3, 29, and also 87

Common factors = 1, 3

GCF of 90, 87 = 3Therefore, 90 and 87 are not co-prime numbers.

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Example 2 Tom has 87 pairs of Bluetooth speakers and 29 music players. Tom wants to sell all of the Bluetooth speakers and music players in similar packages.What is the greatest number of packages Tom deserve to make?


To understand the greatest number of identical packages, Tom demands to uncover GCF of 87 and 29.