August 16 1977 to be a mourning day because that America ~ King the Rock and also Roll, Elvis Presley to reduce the curtain and also was proclaimed dead in ~ 42.

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Cause the Death, Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was discovered lifeless in his bathroom at Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. He was uncovered unresponsive by her then girlfriend, Ginger Alden.

He was proclaimed dead after being rushed in the hospital and according come the clinical diagnosis, his demise was brought about of cardiac arrhythmia. His compulsive usage of opioids and also prescription pills to be allegedly a great player of this diagnosis.

Joel Williamson also wrote his testament to the clinical diagnosis the Elvis Presley:

“Perhaps including a reaction to the codeine and also attempts to relocate his bowels he proficient pain and fright while sitting on the toilet. Alarmed, he stood up, to reduce the publication he to be reading, stumbled forward, and fell confront down in the fetal position. That struggled weakly and also drooled top top the rug. Unable to breathe, he died Attempts come revive that failed, and also death to be officially pronounced at 3:30p.m. In ~ Baptist Memorial Hospital.”

On her eye witness account, Alden recalled how she experienced her flame on his lifeless state. She said:

“Elvis looked together if his entire body had completely frozen in a seated place while using the commode and also then had actually fallen forward, in that fixed position, directly in former of it. It was clear that, indigenous the time every little thing hit him come the minute he had actually landed ~ above the floor, Elvis hadn’t moved.”

With the news that his death, legion of fans are stated to have dubbed White House and also demanded Washington to explain August 16th as a nationwide mourning day come the late King the Rock and also Roll. The POTUS, Jimmy Carter did not dilly dally ~ above addressing the greatest loss the USA and also quickly do a statement about Elvis Presley’s death.

While a lot of questions and controversies surrounding the rock and also roll legend’s death, it cannot be denied that his fatality was irreversible and definitely affected a many of world in the world.

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Currently, Elvis Presley is still among the timeless reality of art that ever graced this earth and it would certainly be difficult to forget just how his tragedy resulted in a surging of realizations about fame, talent and the untold stories that hide behind it.