I have been feather for an additional parrot, however I wasn"t to sure what bird is compatible through a cockatiel... Don"t issue I"m no rushing into anything, the earliest I would certainly get an additional bird is in the late summer early on fall C:I have had my eye on some of the smaller sized conuers, I know some room quieter then others but lets be ethical no bird is quiet. So probably a green Cheek? i am not that worried around price because I have actually been conserving a little fund aside because that this Or would an additional cockatiel suffices? I recognize it depends on the bird though. Various other ideas and also products are open up to be questioned for this topic to!

cockatiels are (in general) very calm and also submissive birds and would probably do much better with an additional bird choose that. Like possibly a bourkes parakeet. Mine tiel does live v a environment-friendly cheek but sometimes specifically when they first met Bord would certainly decide to acquire territorial and puff up and chase her off a perch or something. He is definitely more aggressive than her but they"re both flighted for this reason she just flies away when bord is gift rude which isn"t too often. Still over there is no guarantee they"d obtain along so the would typical separate the end times and also close supervision.

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Honestly, I would go with an additional Cockatiel − ns love see our Cockatiels enjoying each others company, and they room so happy. IF you really don’t want one more Cockatiel, Bourke’s are wonderful, I had actually one who acquired along wonderfully with our Cockatiels, both in an aviary, and also when having actually out of cage time together … obviously the is not constantly the same situation that every solitary other Cockatiel and Bourke’s will certainly coexist well, but I had actually no troubles at every (oh, and also Bourke’s are a satisfied to own, too).
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lukeykee come be honest I thought around Bourkes and also budgies but they aren"t really my type. Thank you for the help!

My greenie hated mine cockatiel. But you could always end up getting another cockatiel and they end up hating eachother. If you"re wanting one more bird I"d just get what bird friend want and also just arrangement on them not interacting. Friend never understand what will happen when girlfriend mix birds.
cosmolove Thanks, ns was thinking around that. Great me the best of luck. Like I claimed I"m not rushing, so hope my little brat is excepting

definitely not budgies..they have been recognized to acquire along however budgies are really aggressive and also tiels room not...a budgie have the right to seriously hurt a tiel.
definitely no budgies..they have been well-known to obtain along yet budgies are an extremely aggressive and also tiels space not...a budgie have the right to seriously hurt a tiel.
Well. You can still acquire a budgie yet you cannot store them in the same cage and also don"t count on them being nice to every other exterior either..some will obtain along but not commonly ..and additionally budgies love numerous toys and you room not may be to administer that.
Well. You deserve to still gain a budgie but you cannot save them in the same cage and also don"t count on them being nice to each other exterior either..some will gain along but not typically ..and additionally budgies love lots of toys and you are not able to administer that.
I desire to include that friend shouldn"t placed any new bird in through the cockatiel. There is constantly the threat that castle won"t gain along. In mine experience, budgies deserve to be bullies, however generally, exterior of the cage, they acquire along reasonably well. But like any kind of birds, you need to monitor them external of the cage.
my p"let pickles and my "tiel honey obtain along ok. However he"s absolutely the boss bird and he consistently chases her off her own cage or his cage. His territoriality is other i"m functioning on. Mine sister has actually a pineapple gcc who seems to get along with her "tiel. However again, the gcc rule the flock over the "tiel.
Everybody is right, a budgie have the right to work out if they space not housed together, GCCs can be jealous and also aggressive to an additional bird and Bourkes are sweet things all around. But I likewise agree that gaining a mate because that the tiel would be the ideal scenario because that the tiel, they would have actually each other and also then you can concentrate top top a larger parrot because that yourself.
Everybody is right, a budgie deserve to work out if they room not housed together, GCCs have the right to be jealous and aggressive to one more bird and also Bourkes room sweet things all around. However I additionally agree that acquiring a mate because that the tiel would be the ideal scenario for the tiel, they would have each other and then you can concentrate on a larger parrot because that yourself.
I think it would certainly be sort of sad for she to shed her partnership with she cockatiel, together you suggest.

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I was going to suggest a bourke, tooo. I find them to it is in charming tiny birds! for this reason cute, so quiet and I love it when they fly!Don"t understand much around them... But maybe a linnie?
My Bourke"s and Cockatiel are bonded. I introduced them to each other slowly over a couple of months. They"ve to be caged together for at least three year now and also the Bourke"s also feeds the Cockatiel sometimes.Bourke"s are among the most compatible birds period though.
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