Name the imaginary line that divides the northern and also southern hemispheres
Name the imagine line that divides the eastern and western hemispheresprime meridian
What is the name of the the smallest ocean?Arctic Ocean
Name the intermediary directions.

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northeast, southeast, southwest, and also northwest
Name the cardinal directions.North, south, east and also west
What is one easy method to remember the cardinal directions?They go clockwise by "Never Eat Shredded Wheat."
What is the name of the biggest ocean?Pacific Ocean
Name the seas from the largest to the smallest.Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, & Arctic
Name the 4 continents that room touched through the Atlantic Ocean.North America, southern America, Europe & Africa
Which continent is also the surname of a country?Australia
What continent is in every 4 hemispheres?Africa
Name the only continent the is just in the northern and western hemisphere.

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South America
What is the largest continent?Asia
Does Asia have actually land over AND below the equator?Yes
What continent is Asia attached come on its west border?Europe
Name the the smallest continent.Europe
The Arctic s touches what 3 continents?North America, Europe & Asia
What continent is in the southernmost component of the world?Antarctica
The prime meridian passes through what 3 continents?Europe, Africa, & Antarctica
The Pacific ocean touches what 5 continents?North America, southern America, Antarctica, Asia, & Australia
What imaginary heat is in ~ 0 levels LATITUDE?Equator
What imaginary line is a 0 levels LONGITUDE?Prime Meridian
The equator goes with what 3 continents?South America, Africa, & Asia
Europe is touch by what 2 oceans?Atlantic & Arctic
What 2 oceans touch Australia?Indian & Pacific