Try a juicy Mushroom Swiss Burger. A delicious beef patty, topped v a part of swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, a 2nd layer the swiss cheese, and also finished with your an option of salads and also extra sauce. It"s burgess perfection!

Homemade burgers are so basic to make! even if it is you are putting them top top the grill or cooking them inside in a skillet, you"ll discover these burgers so quick to cook and those mushrooms!!! Well, they were born to it is in topped with melty swiss cheese!

This is a mouthwatering burger cooking recipes that"s various from the norm, but just as juicy and packed with flavor!


Does anyone else remember the BK Mushroom dual Swiss Burger? Man, they were my favorite. If us were ever in citizens King, the is what I would order!! i loved that melting swiss cheese.

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Sadly BK has removed the mushroom dual swiss native the menu! however have no are afraid I have come up v an equivalent mushroom double swiss cooking recipes - my mushroom swiss citizens - the swiss cheese is melty, the saucy mushrooms are delicious, and the patty is homemade. All in all, this is a mighty delicious burger!


Tips because that making your very own burger patties.

The Beef

For terrific juicy homemade burger, you require some fat, therefore buying the ideal grind of beef is essential. One of two people 80/20 or 85/15 will provide you sufficient fat.Avoid the containers/tubes where you cannot view the beef inside. These will be carefully ground beef and will contain more of the undesirable bits.Go because that ground beef in a tray, wherein you deserve to see the grind that the beef, or far better yet ask her butcher.Most butchers (and butcher counters) will certainly grind beef for you in ~ no extra charge. For this reason you can pick your reduced of meat and also ask because that it to be ground up. I choose chuck for this (it has the 80/20 meat to fat ratio and a an excellent taste)If your butcher is grind the meat because that you, ask because that "hamburger grind." the is a little chunkier than constant ground beef and also perfect because that this mushroom double swiss recipe.

Making the patty

To gain the soft, perfect structure to your burger, you want to work the meat as small as possible. This keeps the grind the the beef quite loose and results in a much better burger.If you have actually a kitchen scale, then the is perfect for splitting your beef up into 4 equal-sized patties. If not, you can eyeball it pretty closely. But you desire 4 patties roughly the very same size, therefore they cook evenly.Once you have actually 4 balls of meat, you have the right to use her hands and wax file to type a patty or use a burger shaper, as I do.To use the burger shaper, i lightly push the meat into the bottom dish and then push it level with the top. This creates a perfect one burger.

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A great beef burger demands nothing more than salt come season it. That is once you really taste the beef!There room no fillers here, and also this is a 100% beef burger!The salt gets included to the burgers just prior to you cook them. This way, the shaped burgers deserve to sit in the refrigerator until you necessary them without shedding moisture due to salting.As the burgers cook, castle do get a last-minute basting through some butter and dijon mustard. This provides them an significant shine and also adds a second layer of flavor.

Cooking the burgers

You don"t want to overcook your burgers. Castle need about 4 minutes a side, plus a tiny extra to gain a char and melt the cheese.Ideally, if you are food preparation on an outdoor grill use 2 heat method for food preparation your burgers. Medium warm to chef the burgers through and also then high warmth to get a pretty char. (On the grill, this method using the indirect warm method. So have actually your hot coals ~ above one next of the grill to create a high heat, and also the next without the coals will give you a tool heat)When the burgers are cooked, baste them v a mixture that butter and also dijon mustard. This add to flavor and also shine to the patties.

The mushrooms

I choose to use switch mushrooms or infant bella mushrooms because that the burger. The tiny size means, when cooked, they continue to be inside the burgess well, so every bite has plenty the mushroom in it.The mushrooms get cooked through butter, a small stock, and also a splash of cream. This gives them the beautiful creamy sauce texture that the BK version had.If you want to reduced some calories, climate you can just add sauteed mushrooms to the burger. Yet hey, this is burgess night... Is that the night to it is in looking at cut calories?

Enjoy x