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Parts Required:
Brake irradiate switch
Hot Tip:
Use floor mat from automobile to kneel on
Performance Gain:
Repair faulty brake irradiate switch
Complementary Modification:
Replace brake light bulbs
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The brake irradiate switch is responsible for activating the brake lights once the brake pedal is pressed. An additional brake irradiate switch role is to move cruise control OFF and carry out the signal come unlock the change interlock solenoid.

The brake pedal switch deserve to fail a couple of different ways. Friend may have actually a brake irradiate warning desk lamp illuminate in your instrument cluster, describe a trouble with the brake irradiate circuit. If nobody of the brake lamp illuminate and also the fuse is fine, the brake light switch is most likely the cause. However, be certain to examine the behind light warning module, located in the rear side dashboard of the luggage compartment. See our tech article on the rear light warning module for an ext information. A few things come remember when checking your brake light switch: check the fuse (find location using fuse table of contents in fuse panel), check brake light switch adjustment, (see steps below for exactly how to adjust), inspect brake irradiate bulbs and also use a high impedance digital volt ohm meter (DVOM) when trial and error the circuit.

The brake irradiate switch is placed in former of the brake pedal. In this technology article, I will certainly go over exactly how to change and adjust the brake light switch ~ above Volvo V70 vehicles.

Remember the your automobile may have actually been serviced before and also had components replaced with different size fasteners supplied in the replacement. The size of the nuts and bolts we provide may be various from what you have so be ready with different size sockets and also wrenches.

Protect her eyes, hands and also body indigenous fluids, dust and debris while working on your vehicle. If you"re working through the electric system, disconnect the battery prior to beginning. Always catch fluids in proper containers and also properly dispose of any type of fluid waste. Recycle parts, packaging and also fluids as soon as possible. Never ever work on your vehicle if you feeling the task is beyond your ability.

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