Purchasing an out-of-state automobile for us brand-new Yorkers involves a really painfulaesthetic modification. The front patent plate required here not only involves drilling right into the bumper, but it"s a an insect magnet, slightly rises the aerodynamic traction coefficient, and also probably doesn"t complement the shade of the car.

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Rather than drive coarse screws into the bumper to quickly mount a new plate, i opted to use the manufacturing facility hardware to mount my new license plate just as it would have been in 2004. The Volvo bracket watch great, and also the assorted hardware is an easy and basic to install.

Parts Required

Volvo patent Plate Retainer - actual Volvo 31391626

Volvo widening Nut (S60 S70 V70 S80 XC90) - real Volvo 987282

Volvo Six point Socket Screw - genuine Volvo 986216

Volvo license Plate Spacer - actual Volvo 6817476



On mine "04 Volvo C70, Volvo consisted of two tiny divots in the bumper covering that situate the license plate, need to it be equipped from a plate-state.


One pilot feet is clearly shows here

Now, comes the worst part. I offered a 3/8" drill bit, however the hole will need to be slightly larger to to the right the threaded grommets. Since I apparently carry out not own a bit any kind of larger, I bored out the hole making use of the 3/8" bit until the grommets could be snugly popped in.


With the grommets loosely rattling approximately in their new homes, lock will need to be compressed in ~ the bumper cover to activate their "mushroom" effect. Use among the feet on the brand-new license plate structure as a washer, and drive the T30 torx screw in through hand. It will be firm because that a while until it bottoms out - this is the grommet bending and mushrooming out within the bumper and cannot be seen from the outside.

Now, the bumper is effectively retrofitted to expropriate a front plate. Assemble the new hardware using the plastic spacer - this will avoid the steel bracket from touching the bumper and gouging the paint.



Written through : Alex Fiehl

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