You might be acquainted with the expression “Viva ras Vegas” however what walk it really mean? “Viva las Vegas” is a Spanish expression where the word “Viva” method “Long Live” and also the native “Las Vegas” analyze to “The Meadows.” The whole phrase method “Long Live ras Vegas” or more exactly, “Long Live The Meadows.” it is a explain in assistance of the essence of ras Vegas.

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Read top top to find out how and why the term originated. I’ll give you a hint, it has actually something to execute with Elvis Presley.


Table of Contents1 “Las Vegas” way “The Meadows”?2 Viva las Vegas started With a Movie3 Viva ras Vegas the Song4 Viva ras Vegas in las Vegas5 Conclusion6 an ext Las Vegas concerns & Answers7 References

“Las Vegas” way “The Meadows”?

Before I have the right to tell you exactly how the ax Viva ras Vegas originated, I require to define how in the people Las Vegas way “The Meadows”. If you’ve ever before experienced the dried deserts where Las Vegas, Nevada is located, about the last thing you’d think of would be grasslands of lush environment-friendly plants.

Rafael Rivera, a mexican scout, to be the very first non-Native American to go into the valley. The year to be 1829 and also he to be leading a party of men toward Los Angeles. Together they passed through the otherwise dry sink they encountered a natural spring in what is currently the middle of the City of ras Vegas. The feather was surrounding by huge fields that wild desert grasses and also so he named the area ras Vegas or in English, “The Meadows.” However, i can not qualify that may sound, it was in reality a musician that turned the entirety thing into a well known saying.

Viva las Vegas started With a Movie

It was an Elvis Presley movie entitled Viva ras Vegas that began it all. The 1964 movie takes location in ras Vegas whereby Lucky (Elvis Presley) a race auto driver has pertained to town for the cities annual Grand Prix Race.Lucky, however, runs into some problems with necessary repairs ~ above his auto prior come the race. He raises the important money while in town but then loses it all as soon as the hotel’s attractive swim instructor Rusty (Ann-Margret) pushes him into the swim pool.Lucky end up working at the hotel together a waiter to salary his hotel bill and enters a local talent competition v a huge cash prize to shot and victory the money to deal with his car.

Viva ras Vegas the Song
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Needless to say, lucky crushes the talent competition, beginning the race and also wins the affection that Rusty. The movie’s good but the title itself, Viva ras Vegas, most likely would have gone on to obscurity except for one thing. The song.The track Lucky performs in the talent vain is, the course, Viva ras Vegas!
Watch happy (Elvis) do Viva las Vegas in the hotel’s talent competition! This music number native the movie was performed in one continuous take i beg your pardon was unusual for Elvis movies.The track was composed for the movie through Mort Shuman and also Doc Pomus and recorded by Elvis in 1963. While the tune itself only hit number 29 top top the Billboard peak 100, that went ~ above to come to be one of Elvis’s many recognizable songs.Another amazing fact is that Elvis never ever performed the track live. Therefore a track written by someone else, quickly recorded and never perform live is just one of Elvis’s many all-time well-known songs!

Viva las Vegas in las Vegas

Both the song and also the saying “Viva las Vegas” has, of course, become an anthem for the city of ras Vegas. Top top a visit to ras Vegas, you’ll uncover the saying plastered on whatever from t-shirts to billboards.You’ll probably hear the track playing native time to time together you do your method around town, as well. More than likely the most well-known use the the tune is in ~ the Bellagio Fountains.
Bellagio Fountains – “Viva ras Vegas”Viva ras Vegas is among 21 song that space played together with the fountain show. The display plays hourly or an ext throughout the day/night through one song played every show. You can see our article here because that showtime and also song perform information.Another renowned use of the track was by the American rock tape ZZ Top. The band developed a cover of the song for the album ZZ top – biggest Hits. You can check out the music video for ZZ top rendition of Viva las Vegas below.
ZZ top famously extended Viva las Vegas in 1992 (Official Music Video)Far much less famous, yet without a doubt my favorite cover that Viva las Vegas was taped by the punk band the Dead Kennedy’s in 1980. Girlfriend can inspect out their variation below.
Viva las Vegas performed by the Dead KennedysThe final scene indigenous the movie to be filmed at the Little Church the the West, the earliest wedding chapel in las Vegas. Not just is it the oldest wedding chapel in town but it’s additionally the oldest building (built-in 1942) ~ above the ras Vegas Strip.It’s pretty cool that thousands of couples still get married annually where Viva ras Vegas was filmed!


It’s no wonder the the speak “Viva las Vegas” has come to be a rallying cry because that the city in both great times and bad. The song captures and also expresses the love of ras Vegas perfectly.Know that you know the definition and the background behind the indigenous Viva las Vegas, you deserve to say the loud and say it proud.Long Live ras Vegas!

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