Yes, travel trailers have actually VIN (Vehicle identification Number) numbers. The VIN number top top a travel trailer is a unique number that is details to that travel trailer. You deserve to think of a travel trailer’s VIN as a fingerprint as no 2 campers will have the exact same number.

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The VIN is composed of 17 alpha-numeric characters (number and also capital letters) that space a trailers unique identifier. The VIN is beneficial when tracking registrations, recalls, guarantee claims, insurance allowance coverage, and theft.

What execute RV VIN number Mean?

First turn off it’s essential to keep in mind VIN numbers are not just a series of random alphanumeric character. Over there truly is a structure to the VIN number and also what that means. The VIN number is going come tell friend the version year of your travel trailer as well as the serial number. For a thorough breakdown and explanation of just how VIN number for take trip trailers space structured and what the numbers typical you deserve to read this excellent post from popular music Yachts.

Where room VIN Numbers situated on take trip Trailers

For towable recreational vehicles, take trip trailers and fifth wheels, girlfriend will discover the VIN number metal plate or on the commonwealth certification label. The label is typically on the left front edge (lower roadside)of the RV somewhere near the bottom of the sidewall. You can additionally find it, sometimes however not always, inside a room or entry display screen door. The steel plate through the VIN number can be found on the trailer tongue, frame rail resulting in the hitch or it can be stamped on part metal component of the frame. This is exactly how they are formatted.


VIN Number ~ above A Vintage Camper

When it concerns finding the VIN number top top a vintage take trip trailer you’ll should do a bit much more research. Before 1981 VIN number wherein not standardized and even today their is commonly no set standard for it’s location. The framework is among the an initial places come look. In the video below

Do Pop-up Campers have VIN Numbers?

Yes, most pop-ups have VIN numbers uneven they space vintage and they might not have actually one. Choose towable take trip trailers, pop-ups have actually their VIN number on the structure or on a stick one of two people on the next or inside a cabinet door.

For further reading on popular music up check our perform of the 10 ideal Pop up Campers.

How execute I obtain a VIN Number for My Old take trip Trailer>

If you have actually a very old take trip trailer it’s possible it did no come with a VIN number or the number is therefore worn the end that it is no much longer legible. If you cannot find any kind of documentation through the VIN number on it you might need to use with her state’s DMV to have a new VIN number problems for your take trip trailer.

The process for gaining a brand-new VIN relies on the state you space in. Your ideal course of activity is to check with her state’s DMV for your certain process. Possibilities are friend will require to complete and paper an application, to proveownership girlfriend will require a invoice of sale, trailer weight and conduct any type of state-required inspections.

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Is The VIN Number and Serial Number The very same Thing?

No they are not. The VIN (Vehicle identification Number ) is a unique number assigned to the travel trailer. The serial number is the last 6 character of the VIN number.