Bulldogs are really old breed that dates back to at least the 17th century. They’ve pertained to be associated with “British-ness,” and they were frequently used in WWII to represent Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The united kingdom is mighty proud of your favorite breed, come say the least.

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But go you know that there are two different species of brothers Bulldogs?

It’s true. The many common kind is the English (or sometimes “Olde English”) Bulldog, however there’s one more called the victor Bulldog. They’re really closely related, and it could not be easy to phone call the difference at an initial glance, so we’ve put together a handy overview to informing the two apart.


Visual Differences

Image credit: Left: O. Dargis, Shutterstock; Right: BLACK17BG, Pixabay

A fast Overview

The victor Bulldog and also the English Bulldog have a the majority of similarities, however they have actually their set of distinctive characteristics. Let’s rest it down.

Victorian Bulldog

Average elevation (adult): 16-19 inch Average load (adult): 55-75 pounds Lifespan: 10-12 years Exercise: 20 min/day Grooming needs: Low and easy Family-friendly: correct Dog-friendly: yes Trainability: Moderate
English Bulldog
Average elevation (adult): 16-17 customs Average weight (adult): 50-54 pounds Lifespan: 8-10 year Exercise: 30 min/day Grooming needs: Low and also easy Family-friendly: correct Dog-friendly: frequently Trainability: Easy


English Bulldogs

This is the pooch you’re likely picturing when you think around bulldogs: short, stout, level noses, substantial heads.

Physical Appearance

Image credit: mary Lynn Strand, ShutterstockIt’s those heads that really make them was standing out, though. Look at as big as the rest of your body, these huge noggins are very broad, v folds of skin dangling around their sleep to give the figure of wrinkles. They additionally tend to have actually a remarkable underbite.

The reason for these features is a grim one. These dog were initially bred for a gruesome sport dubbed “bull-baiting,” in i m sorry a pack of bulldogs would certainly be collection upon a tied-up bull. The dog that can grab the bull through his nose and also bring it to the ground would certainly be the victor.

As a result, the dogs required stocky bodies, extremely strong heads, and skin the wasn’t prone to tearing. Fortunately, bull-baiting is now illegal (and these dogs space no longer capable of managing that much exercise anyway), however the breed’s physics traits remain.

Personality and Disposition

Temperamentally, however, there’s tiny about these dogs to suggest they to be ever capable of violence. They’re incredibly sweet, even-mannered dogs, although they can still prove efficient as guard dog if require be.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a particularly healthy breed, together generations that inbreeding have actually left them v some quite serious wellness problems. Their snouts have acquired progressively stubbier end the years, which renders it challenging for them to breathe, and so vigorous exercise is pretty lot a no-go for these dogs (much prefer Winston Churchill, come to think that it).

Health and Lifespan

Image Credit: Ann Tyurina, ShutterstockTheir heads are likewise so huge that it’s very rare because that an English Bulldog to give birth naturally, and also most have to be delivered via C-section. Together a result, they’re regularly only attainable via breeders, and getting your very own puppy have the right to be very expensive.

They additionally tend to it is in predisposed to hip dysplasia, which can make them quite creaky in their gold years. The leading reasons of death for this dogs room cardiac arrest and also cancer, and they only have actually a expectation of about 8 years.

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Still, the 8 year you acquire with this dogs room sensational to it is in sure, as they’re hilarious, agreeable companions that obtain along well with kids and also other pets. Simply realize that, if you acquire one, you may be forced to root for England in every world Cup.