Here’s whereby to find all the covert Packages in grand Theft Auto vice City.

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GTA angry City has actually a good abundance of points to do also after perfect the main storyline.

You have the right to either roam roughly the streets of evil City, death people, or perform various things to gain that 100% completion badge.

One of those points that will aid you inch closer come the 100 note is hidden Packages.


GTA angry City has a complete of 100 surprise Packages scattered across the map because that players come find.

Collecting these packages will certainly generate rewards and aid make few of the more difficult missions a lot easier.

Hidden Packages Rewards in GTA evil City

Every ar of surprise Packages in GTA vice City will provide players $100, and 100 packages should be collected.

Furthermore, once you with a particular amount of accumulated packages, the game will reward girlfriend with various items that will spawn in other locations.

Here room all the rewards:

10 Packages: body Armor.20 Packages: Chainsaw.30 Packages: Colt Python.40 Packages: Flamethrower.50 Packages: Combat Sniper.60 Packages: Minigun.70 Packages: Rocket Launcher.80 Packages: Sea Sparrow spawns in the rear side the the Vercetti Estate.90 Packages: Rhino generate on fort Baxter wait Base.100 Packages: Hunter spawns ~ above the fort Baxter waiting Base and also the helipad beside Lance Vance’s house in ocean Beach, $100,000 reward.

If you don’t want to wait till you discover 90 packages, here’s exactly how to find and steal a tank in GTA evil City!


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GTA evil City: All hidden Packages Locations

Locations of every the surprise Packages:

The concealed Packages are spread across the map, and finding them have the right to be a little time-consuming.

Mentioned listed below are every the locations and where you can discover the packages.

Do store in mind the some locations are vaulted away and also will just be obtainable when the west island is unlocked.


1. Travel to the VAJ Finance building and also examine the modern art to acquire the package.

2. Over there is a building north of the bridge between Prawn Island and downtown. In between this building and the water is a package.

3. You’ll discover one frostbite in the west parking most the stadium.

4. You will see one more alley to the right when heading come the Hyman condo roof access. Collection the package by going there.

5. Friend can uncover a package listed below the ambulance in ~ the Schuman Health care Center.

6. Head right into the VCN building south of VAJ Finance. An enntrance gate in the front will take you to the helipad. You can find the concealed package top top the edge of the rooftop just below the ramp-up.

7. Go within the office top top the ideal side the the VCN building by adhering to the steps. When inside, search the workdesks to the best to acquire the package.

Escobar International

1. If you go to the southwest border that the airfield, you’ll watch a Rockstar aircraft with 2 packages – one top top top and one below.

Hop top top the height of the jetway by making use of a Packer ramp trunk that’s associated to the plane and obtain your package.

2. By utilizing the Packer ramp truck walk to the loading dock (where every the jets room lined up v jetways).

Pull up next to a jetway and also climb the ramp. Follow the loading dock every the method to the end to find an additional package.

3. You have the right to get one more package behind the waiting traffic regulate center.

4. Another one is in the northwest corner inside the terminal.

5. Girlfriend will gain a package behind the heat of billboards displayed in the picture.

6. Inside the terminal, the second-floor jetway at gate 1-8 has actually a package because that you together well.

7. There’s another smaller airport to the northeast. There, you’ll uncover a frostbite under the phibìc plane. Behind the sign, you’ll discover a package.

8. On peak of the humpy roof that the terminal, another package is waiting for you.

9. Find under the Rockstar aircraft in a western hangar to find a package.

10. ~ above the south eco-friendly hangar (labeled McAdams) is one more package. Usage a helicopter to walk to the top.

11. You’ll find another package top top a helipad near the southern finish of the airport.

12. With the assist of a helicopter, walk on top of the building next to the seaplane hangar. You will acquire a package there.

Leaf Links

1. You’ll see a sand catch at the driving range on the northern side the the golf course. The package is in it.

2. Another package is under the Leaf web links bridge throughout from Mercedes’ house.

3. You will uncover a package in the middle of a watery island top top the southern side of the golf course.

4. Over there is a parcel on the leg on the southern finish of the golf course.

Little Haiti

1. A pair of structures north that Kaufman Cabs, head into the alley. There’s one inset staircase wherein you’ll uncover the package.

2. You’ll find an additional package top top the stairs that a residence located east of Kaufman cabs.

3. Obtain a statue native the red barn in Phil’s Place. Head the end the back near the water (at the corner, looking towards the stadium) you’ll discover another.

4. Go to the southwest edge of the many behind the Moist Palms Hotel. You’ll discover a ramp (see image). Look because that the package nearby.

5. Making use of the ramps on the rooftops that the print Works, jump over the building just north of it. There’s a parcel by some AC units.

You have the right to even discover the covert staircase which will lead you come the top of this building.

6. A small area behind Funeria Romero has a package.

7. There’s one parcel on the roof that the building throughout from the Jack Hammer hall billboard. Usage a helicopter or the ramp leading to gain the package.

Little Havana

1. There’s a parcel behind the fence listed below the Life’s a coast sign.

2. One more package is in ~ the 24-7 doughnut shop.

3. You’ll uncover one package within the laundromat.

4. If you are near the laundromat, look for a light greenhouse because that sale. Top top the ramp is a hidden package.

5. Utilizing the staircase behind the bakery, climb the structure near the Kaufman Cabs billboard.

Jump end to the following building and also climb that ladder and also leap end to the walkway in front of the sign. A Package will be wait for you.

6. Just across the Cuban cafe, over there is a package covert behind the short concrete wall.

7. You can find one package upstairs in ~ the vehicle dealership.

8. Obtain the final package using the stairway in the earlier to go to the roof that the building with the red shade.

Prawn Island

1. There is a parcel inside phase C that the movie studio lot. Usage a USJ to get inside or to buy the entire place to open it up.

2. Another package in this area is on the rooftop that a structure inside the movie studio. Usage a USJ native the opposite structure to get to it.

3. Another package is in ~ the end of the cul de sac (see image).

4. There is one more package ~ above the porch near the water throughout the street come the large, summary mansion.

5. Within the yellow mansion ~ above the northeast corner, look for a room ~ above the very first floor through a lacking wall.

Climb increase the best staircase and edge turn off of the damaged balcony to loss into this room. You will discover your package.

Starfish Island

1. A package deserve to be uncovered in the alley in in between the Diaz mansion and the surrounding neighbor’s villa.

2. When facing the Diaz/Vercetti mansion, go left roughly the pool. A package is on the stairs near the water.

3. Go across the street from the Vercetti/Diaz mansion. In the pool area that the residence is a package.

4. Girlfriend can acquire a package in ~ the former entryway that the gated home with the American flag.

5. Situate the home with the Rockstar pool. Go approximately the back and climb the stairs to a elevated patio. There, you’ll discover a package.

Ocean Beach

1. In a small room next to the helipad that the southernmost house in ocean Beach, girlfriend will uncover a package.

2. A parcel is at the end of the stairs the the lighthouse in s Beach.

3. The underground car parking in former of Cortez’s ship has actually a package because that you.

4. Go to the southwest suggest of ocean Beach; you’ll check out a pair of pole buildings in the water. Top top a rock development nearby, you’ll discover a package.

5. Continue along the exact same stretch that water; you’ll uncover a parcel on the wood pole building with the rampage.

6. A package is positioned underneath the bridge going to Viceport.

7. ~ above a rooftop across from the police station, there’s a package. Use a USJ indigenous the the contrary stairway to gain to it.

8. Girlfriend will uncover a package behind the s View clinical building.


1. Over there is a cargo delivery parked close to the enntrance gate to the Boatyard. Search the side close to the water to find a package.

2. One more one deserve to be discovered under the harbor Authority sign.

3. V a helicopter’s aid land on the chartered Liberty Lines delivery on the southern edge of Viceport. You’ll discover one more package there.

4. The opposite the dealership, you’ll notification a group of big cylinders. Go approximately the fence to obtain inside and run rive previous the Hooker Inn.

Break the gate and also use the ramp there to jump end the chain-link fence. A package is present between the cylinders under a bending pipe.

5. In the very same lot, you’ll discover a package between a blue and yellow tractor-trailer close come the gates.

6. You’ll an alert a parcel in a concrete courtyard in between buildings close to the entrance to the shipyard.

7. Visit the leaf of the docks, where 8-Ball’s garage is located. Indigenous there, go northward to discover the package in a doorway.

8. Drive previous the Hooker Inn and go right into the left hangar. Search the office. You’ll uncover the package in a corner.

Washington Beach

1. You can uncover a package in ~ the rear walkway of 1102 Washington street save home opposite Rosenberg’s office.

2. Another package simply close come Rosenberg’s office can be discovered near the small bridge.

3. A parcel is top top the footsteps that the lifeguard shack (see image).

4. Within the Washington coast police station is one more package.

5. One package is under the leg to Starfish Island.

6. There are a couple of stalls near the hotel near to whereby you got the last package. A package will be waiting for you.

7. Go through the water adjacent a low-lying structure to a small balcony area. Over there is a package in the corner.

8. A package is put on the roof opposite the Washington Mall.

9. Go behind the multistory pink apartment structure near the Washington Mall. A package is surrounding to the pool.

10. On peak of the tall blue and white building near the building site is an additional package.

Vice Point

1. The roof through the swimming pool (across from the Malibu) has a package. Use the helicopter to get it.

2. Within Pizza Place, you will find an additional package.

3. A package is close to the apartment structure to the eastern of the Pizza place under the staircase.

4. In ~ the building site, climb up 2 levels of planks and watch because that a lengthy I-Beam expanding toward leaf Links. In ~ the end of the beam, a parcel awaits.

5. This package is located in the alley behind the SpandEX store close to the building site.

6. Inside the jewelry store, you’ll find a package.

7. Top top a dock the is in the direction of Leaf web links (near the building and construction site), has an additional package.

8. In the area next to the Sparrow Chopper’s location, a package has actually in the corner of a wooden fence.

9. Over there is another package behind the Jocksport sign (on the coast close come the water ~ above the RC Bandit track).

10. Walk to the apartment structure east of the North suggest Mall. Approximately the appropriate side the the building, you will discover the package.

11. Between the two north entrances of the North point Mall, you’ll find another package.

12. A package is ~ above the 2nd floor the GASH inside the Vice suggest Mall.

13. ~ above the second floor of the mall, you’ll find a package in between two revenue hoardings.

14. There is one more package in a corner on the ground floor of the parking ramp connected to the mall.

15. Under the bridge going come Prawn Island, you will certainly find one more package.

16. A parcel is located in the Malibu nightclub parking lot of in the rear.

17. The swimming pool area behind the hotel northeast the Malibu has an additional package.

18. Walk to the edge of the revolve that bends about the high-rise hotel ~ above the westernmost point of Vice suggest to get one more package.

19. Behind this same hotel is a diving board. Rise up that to gain the booty.

20. Go to the north next of Mercedes’ home to find an additional package.

21. Just near Malibu, there is an additional building through a rooftop pool. Increase there, girlfriend will uncover a package.

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22. The opposite the Mercedes home is a building. Walk to the 2nd floor to uncover the package in a corner.