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1 dissension 1966

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1 dissension 1966 prices and values

The worth of a canadian coin depends on several factors such as quality and also wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and more. The melt and minimum worth of a 1 dollar 1966 is $17.11CAD.


1966 - large Beads-$18.60$18.60$18.60$18.60$18.60$18.60
1966 - tiny Beads------$3,140

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1966 - big Beads$19.60$24.30$26.00$51.50$256$1,060-
1966 - little Beads$3,500$3,770$3,980$4,980$7,700--

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1966 - big Beads--$19.30$20.00$23.90$58.40$88.20
1966 - tiny Beads-$3,900$4,000$4,430$5,900$6,800$15,700

PL (Proof-like): unique coins struck at the Mint v a excellent relief is to win on a brilliant field and not intended for circulation in spite of the fact that their composition is identical to the coins created for circulation. If Proof-like coins have been eliminated from your protective envelope or original package, the is more difficult to differentiate them indigenous uncirculated coins. Proof-like coins space struck up to 2 times ~ above numismatic presses. Also called brilliant uncirculated (BUNC).