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1. To open the paper tab utilizing the keyboard you would press the key(s) _____.

a. Double-click the desktop computer in a empty area

b. Double-click the This computer icon

c. Use the crucial combo


d. Best click the This computer icon and also choose file Explorer

a. Close all papers on the drive that are open and then eliminate the drive from the port

b. Close all documents on the drive and also then click the Safely eliminate Hardware icon in the an alert area the the Taskbar and also select the journey from the list

c. To click the Safely eliminate Hardware icon in the notice area that the job bar and also select Eject indigenous the list

d. Come click the Safely remove Hardware icon in the an alert area of the Taskbar and select the journey from the list

a. Click on the folder surname in the folder tree

b. Click on the

of the branch

c. Click the

that the branch

d. None of the above

a. Is restricted to 11 characters

b. Is limited to 255 characters

c. Is not limited in length

d. Can contain just one space

a. Traction it out of the window

b. Choose it and also press the DELETE key

c. Select it and press the keys CTRL + DELETE

d. Right click on the document or folder and select Cut

a. Myreport:April 1998.doc

b. Letter come Mom\vacation.txt

c. **MEMO**.txt

d. May 15 conference minutes.doc

a. Press the DELETE key

b. Push the BACKSPACE key

c. Double-click what you want to remove

d. Host down the SHIFT key and push the BACKSPACE key

9. The error blog post to the best usually method that you tried to save to removable media yet _____.

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a. The removable disc is no in the drive or is not linked to the computer

b. The removable decaying is no formatted

c. The removable disk drive is broken and must be replaced

d. The removable media in the journey was formatted because that a different form of computer

10. In a document Explorer home window by default, if a selected folder in the folder tree consists of both folders and files, the folders are shown _____.

a. In the materials pane after ~ the files, in alphabet order

b. In the materials pane prior to the files, in alphabet order

c. In the components pane in alphabet order along with the files

d. Only in the folder tree with the documents showing in the components pane

e. No one of the above

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