Tracie Strahan Biography

Tracie Strahan is an American Emmy Award-winning journalist. Currently, she works as a reporter for NBC 4 new York’s weekday newscasts “Today in new York,” i m sorry airs weekdays 4:30 A.M – 7 A.M. Previously, before joining News 4, Strahan spanned news for all CBS train station nationwide.

Strahan has offered as a news anchor for MTVU, a branch of MTV offer college campuses, and was a Reporter/Producer because that WNDU-TV in southern Bend, Indiana.

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Tracie Strahan Age

Strahan is 44 years old together of 2021, she to be born in 1977, in Chicago, Illinois, United states of America. However, the exact day of birth of the NBC 4 News reporter is at this time not available. Thus it is challenging to establish her yes, really age. Nevertheless, this details is currently under review and also will it is in updated when we get it indigenous a credible source.

Tracie Strahan Birthday

Strahan’s exact day of birth, and birthday space publicly no available. We will update this section when this details is available.

Tracie Strahan Height

Strahan stands in ~ an average height. She appears to be quite tall in stature if she photos, loved one to she surroundings, space anything to walk by. However, details concerning her really height and other body dimensions are right now not publicly available. We will upgrade this section once the info is available.

Tracie Strahan Weight

Strahan has actually a middle weight. She has not shared her weight with the public. She weight will certainly be listed once available.

Tracie Strahan Education

Strahan is an educated and also qualified woman. She graduated from S.I. Newhouse institution of publicly Communications at Syracuse University v a level in transfer Journalism.

Tracie Strahan Family

Strahan was born and also raised by her parents in Chicago. Our efforts to find out much more about her family involved no avail together no such info is publicly available. Thus, the identification of Strahan’s parents is quiet unclear. That is also not well-known if she has any type of siblings. Us will update this section as soon as this information is available.

Tracie Strahan Husband

Strahan is happy married to her lovely husbandZelkadis Rozz Elvi, a new York university alumnus who currently severs as a senior producer in the new York office of BET Networks. The couple did their wedding in September 2010 at the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

Tracie Strahan Children

Strahan and her spouse room both proud parents of an beloved son. The family members resides in brand-new Jersey. However, Strahan has not shared lot information around her kid with the public, nevertheless, this details is currently under review and will it is in updated as soon as we acquire it native a trustworthy source.

Tracie Strahan Salary

Strahan receive an average yearly salary of in between $ 24,292 and also $ 72,507. This converts to an hourly average wage of in between $ 10.15 and also $ 31.32. This is every our median wage estimates for a journalist in the united States. However, these numbers may vary considerably according come the level of seniority of the employee. At the moment, we carry out not have Strahan’s precise salary yet we will update this section when the info is available.

Tracie Strahan network Worth

Strahan’s network worth is approximated to be between $1 million and also $5 million dollars (Approx). This consists of her assets, money, and also income. Her primary source of income is she career together a journalist. Through her miscellaneous sources of income, Tracie has actually been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to command a modest lifestyle.

Tracie Strahan Measurements and also Facts

Here are some interesting facts and also body measurements you need to know about Strahan.

Tracie Strahan Wikipedia

Tracie Strahan PhotoFull Names: Tracie Strahan.Gender: Female.Occupation / Profession: Journalist.Nationality: American.Race / Ethnicity: not Available.Religion: no Known.Sexual Orientation: Straight.Alma Mater: Syracuse University.
Employer: NBC 4.

Tracie Strahan Birthday

Age / how Old?: 44 year Old.Zodiac Sign: To it is in Updated.Date of Birth: 1977.Place that Birth: Chicago, Illinois.Birthday: To it is in Updated.

Tracie Strahan human body Measurements

Body Measurements: no Available.Height / just how Tall?: Average.Weight: Moderate.Eye Color: Brown.Hair Color: Black.Shoe Size: not Available.Dress Size: not Available.Breast Size: no Available.Waist Size: no Available.Hip Size: no Available.

Tracie Strahan Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): not Known.Mother: no Known.Siblings (Brothers and also Sisters): not Known.Marital Status: Married.Husband/Spouse: Married come Zelkadis Rozz Elvi.Children: One Son.

Tracie Strahan network Worth and also Salary

Net Worth: $1 million and $5 million dollars (Approx).Salary: between $ 24,292 and $ 72,507.Source that Income: Media.

Tracie House and also Cars

Place the living: new Jersey.Cars: vehicle Brand to be Updated.

Tracie Strahan NBC 4 (WNBC-TV)

Strahan is currently a reporter for NBC 4 brand-new York’s weekday newscasts “Today in brand-new York,” i beg your pardon airs weekdays 4:30 A.M – 7 A.M. She joined the terminal in June 2007.

Strahan is the hold of the long-running public affairs show “Positively Black”-NBC 4, which winner a 2014 “New York nationwide Association of black color Journalists” award for best programming. The regime highlights problems relating come health and education, social and social services, and also programs.

Strahan interviews certain people in the African-American community who space making a difference. She winner a nationwide Emmy and an Edward R. Murrow award as component of NBC 4 ‘s ongoing coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

Strahan, the receiver of the 2014 “Front Page” award for breaking news coverage through the prestigious Newswomen society of new York, won a 2012 local Emmy compensation for best live reporting.

The November 2008 version of “Television Week” magazine featured Strahan as among the following generations of” television News Stars “and to be awarded the Michele Clark Fellowship by the Radio television Digital News combination (RTDNA), recognizing the success of young, promising, minority specialists in tv or radio news.

Tracie Strahan CBS

Prior to joining News 4 brand-new York, Strahan worked for CBS Newspath where she extended news for all CBS stations nationwide. She functioned for MTVU, an MTV branch offer college campuses, as a news anchor, and also was a reporter/producer for WNDU-TV in south Bend, Indiana. Strahan started her profession in transfer while still in college together a news manufacturing assistant for 1010 WINS radio in brand-new York.

Frequently request Questions around Tracie Strahan

Who is Tracie Strahan?

Strahan is a popular news reporter because that NBC 4. Before joining NBC 4, she spanned news for every CBS station nationwide.

How old is Tracie Strahan?

Strahan was born in Chicago, Illinois, she has not shared her date of birth through the public, as it is not documented anywhere together of 2020.

How high is Tracie Strahan?

Strahan stands at an typical height, she has not mutual her height with the public. Her height will be listed once we have it indigenous a credible source.

Is Tracie Strahan married?

Yes, Strahan is married to Zelkadis. They gained married in September 2010 at the Abyssinian Baptist Church and together they space blessed with a son. The household resides in new Jersey.

How much is Tracie Strahan worth?

Strahan has an approximate net worth of $1 million and also $5 million dollars. This amount has been accrued from she leading duties in the journalism industry.

How lot does Tracie Strahan make?

Strahan receive an annual salary ranging between $ 24,292 and also $ 72,507 that converts to an hourly typical wage of in between $ 10.15 and $ 31.32. This is every our average wage estimates for a reporter in the joined States,

Where walk Tracie Strahan live?

Strahan is a residents of brand-new Jersey, USA, we shall upload photos of her residence as quickly as we have actually them.

Is Tracie Strahan dead or alive?

Strahan is alive and in an excellent health. There have been no reports of her being ailing or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Tracie Strahan Now?

Strahan is pursuing her career in journalism. Currently, she is working as a news reporter in ~ NBC 4 because June 2007.

Tracie Strahan society Media Contacts

Tiktok: Pending UpdateWebsite: Pending Update

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