Cabin air filter take that dusty, pollen filled air outside and transform it right into clean, breathable air inside. If you"re like many people and tend come forget to readjust your cabin air filter frequently, inspect out ours step-by-step guide on just how to carry out the job.

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This article uses to the Toyota Tacoma (1996-2015).

Pretty lot everyone is aware that you need to change your oil and also air filter on a continual basis to ensure a lengthy lasting, healthy engine. What a lot of people don"t think around is the you likewise need to change out your cabin air filter frequently as well. Lot like just how the wait filter on her engine keeps her engine breathing easily, cabin wait filters save all the dirt and also other junk the flies with the waiting from entering your vehicle. This is specifically nice if you suffer from allergies, but nobody wants to breath in any much more pollutants than they have actually to. Thankfully, transforming out the cabin air filter top top a Toyota Tacoma is easy, and also they space dirt cheap to buy as well.


Step 1 – eliminate the old cabin waiting filter

The cabin wait filter is situated in/behind your gloves box on the passenger next of the vehicle. Open the glove box and remove the piece presented in figure 1, i m sorry is associated at the top and the bottom by a plastic clip. This is important because the clips have the right to break an extremely easily if you shot to eliminate the glove box there is no removing this item first. Next, squeeze in on both political parties of the glove box door as presented in figure 2 and also the gloves box will certainly drop down cost-free from the dash. Pull under on both that the tabs protruding native the cabin air filter crate to open the door and slide the cabin air filter out.

Figure 1. Remove the gloves box catch.
Figure 2. Press in top top the political parties of the gloves box door to release it.
Figure 3. Push down on tabs the cabin waiting filter box to relax it.
Figure 4. Pull the old filter out.

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Step 2 – Install brand-new cabin wait filter

Slide the new cabin wait filter in place, making sure that the arrows room pointed up. Close the cabin waiting filter crate door and make sure the tabs lock right into place. Press the glove box ago up till it clicks ago into place. Reinstall the gloves box catch piece and make certain both ends are in place. Close the gloves box and you"re done!

Figure 5. Download the brand-new cabin wait filter.

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