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Toro lawn sprinklers are generally used in residential lawns in automatic watering systems. These save the house owner time and also aggravation from trying to water by hand and also they save on water as well.

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When the sprinkler begins to leak or is damaged by a lawn mower, this usually method that component or every one of the sprinkler head requirements to it is in replaced. If the nozzle is the only component damaged, then you have the right to just replace the nozzle. Otherwise, friend will must replace the entire sprinkler head.

Cap Replacement

Pry up the nozzle v the screwdriver and also pull increase the pop-up head with your fingers.

Hold on to the pop-up head v one hand and unscrew the nozzle v the other. Don"t let go of the pop-up head, due to the fact that it may be complicated to traction it up again without a nozzle.

Remove the old plastic screen and also replace it through a new one. The screen keeps dust from entering her sprinkler system. The nozzle holds that in place, so that should simply lift out v the nozzle removed.

Screw on the brand-new nozzle, however don"t let go of the pop-up head.

Adjust the spray sample of the nozzle to fit your needs. This is done various ways relying on the form of nozzle. The brand-new nozzle will certainly come v instructions on how to readjust it.

Turn on the sprinklers to check the repaired sprinkler.

Repeat measures 5 and 6 until the sprinkler is adjusted and working correctly.

Head Replacement

Start digging by cut straight into the turf through the shovel number of inches native the sprinkler head. Make a complete circle approximately the head if a sidewalk or driveway is no in the way. Pull out the sod and collection it off to the side. Try to store it in just one or 2 pieces.

Continue digging the hole. Destruction deep sufficient to expose at the very least 1 customs of the pipeline the head is linked to. The trowel may be easier to usage to dig with because of the tight boundaries of the hole.

Unscrew the head indigenous the pipe.

Turn on the water for several seconds to flush the end the pipe.

Screw the new head ~ above the pipe.

Turn top top the water to test the sprinkler. Watch for any significant leaks.

Make sure the sprinkler is right by using the level in 2 perpendicular directions.

Fill in the dirt and periodically check that the sprinkler stays level. Usage your foot to tamp the dust down before replacing the sod.

Adjust the nozzle top top the sprinkler (See actions 5 v 7 in Nozzle Replacement).

Things You will Need

new cap and screen tiny straight slot screwdriver brand-new sprinkler head Shovel Trowel tiny straight slot screwdriver Level


Use the same version of sprinkler for replacement or at least make certain they room the exact same height, otherwise the new sprinkler won"t lie flush through the ground.

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Don"t dig also aggressively approximately the sprinkler, specifically as you obtain to the bottom. The sprinkler normally is associated to an elbow joint, for this reason the horizontally running PVC water pipeline is not an extremely deep. A shovel have the right to dig into it and also cause much more repair headaches.