T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “On top of the Food Chain” is more than simply a narration the a selfish person’s mistakes. The narrator’s tone is a literary element used to display man’s indifference because that organisms that are of no immediate benefit or room a nuisance come them. _”The thing was, we had actually a little problem through the insects…”_ The narrator’s ton in “Top the the Food Chain” is quickly presented as self-centered in functioning for his comforts and also indifferent come the destruction his selections make ~ above the environment.

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Humans believe that we can solve everything that is put upon us, however there is always a catch. In this story, mommy Nature proves us that she can always be front of how humans consciousness things.

From the very an initial sentence, the narrator is shown as a self-serving person. In charge of a group bringing health care to a third-world village, his options to improve the resides of the villagers bring about wreaking chaos ~ above the regional food chain.


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The renovations start by poisoning the flies. When the geckos the feed turn off of these paris die due to starvation, the cat populace also diminishes. As soon as the cats room gone, the rat populace is left unregulated and is allowed to spread condition to the humans and also ruin your crops.

The narrator’s condescending tone in the direction of these damaging events is the most far-ranging factor the Boyle provides to build his theme. The narrator assumes he is in ~ the peak of the food chain, and he has no difficulty killing turn off the smaller species.

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However, the narrator is also indifferent come realize that by hurting the reduced members the the food chain, he has hurt himself. This is what shows the true irony in the story. The narrator did something that he to trust is good for him, however instead it ends up being completely the the opposite of it.

The story shows that humans can do non ethical things, without reasoning well that the results and the effect it is going to have actually on others. “Top of the Food Chain” is ironic due to the fact that Mother Nature got back at every one of the selfishness the was shown in the story. Global Warming is a good example of exactly how nature can get back to humans due to the fact that of our own selfish actions. Human tasks contribute to climate adjust by causing changes in Earth’s atmosphere in the amounts of greenhouse gases, aerosols (small particles), and also cloudiness. The largest well-known contribution originates from the burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide gas come the atmosphere. The release of carbon dioxide damages the atmosphere, which reason drastic transforms in the climate.

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However, his tone following the serious circumstances that played out in the story suggests that he simply does not care around anything other then what the wants. The narrator’s arrogance and also belief that he can do what ever before he wants without hurting himself shows his idea that he is height of the Food Chain. Unfortunately, he learns the hard means that his selfish actions rotate around and also hurt him in the end, which end up gift ironic. T. Coraghessan Boyle demonstrated united state that nature can always get back to humans despite of whatever we do; selfish or unselfish.

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