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The phrase itself is indigenous the Star wars movie "Revenge the the Sith" indigenous 2005, wherein it was claimed by the character basic Grievous. There are multiple species of this meme and also it became one the the favorites in the Prequel image community.


In beforehand 2017 there was picture macro that this expression which was provided for number of memes. In 2020, the actual video clip meme began with a post on Reddit on the 23rd of march 2020 through Reddit user u/Execute-order_66. The post reached end 100k upvotes and also became the 2nd most upvoted meme on r/PrequelMemes. It includes the scene from Star battles The rise of Skywalker, in which Kylo Ren throws his lightsaber in the water. Later it additionally got a the majority of popularity top top YouTube v multiple videos through YouTube user Janobot. The videos top top YouTube reached hundred hundreds of views and after that, a many other YouTube users began making these mim (an example video is watched below).


After u/Execute-order_66"s post, the r/PrequelMemes subreddit to be flooded by "Fine Addition" Memes. A the majority of other civilization started make these type of memes. The image started losing it"s popularity at the finish of April, yet then a video clip by YouTube user Janobot walk viral. He began making an ext if them after that happened and the meme became an ext popular than ever. ~ that, a lot of people started uploading these meme to YouTube.

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