1. Creating regular Slides

The audience + presentation = understanding.

use Microsoft PowerPoint to:

species the objects in a visually systematic way.

species slides in a continuous manner by AutoLayout.

develop a new slide, apply AutoLayout, then

style elements

use placeholders because that text and other objects

use AutoLayout to existing slides at any type of time,

kinds the placeholders the method you want later.

2. What is a slide Layout ?

A slide layout is an plan of placeholders for slide content.

Every slide has a on slide layout that controls how the details is i ordered it on the slide.

To screen Slide Layout job Pane,

click Format menu, Slide Layout.

3. Default title Slide Layout

The default layout for the very first slide in a brand-new presentation is frequently reffered to as a title on slide layout.

The default layout is composed of two message placeholders:

one for the presentation title

one for the presentation subtitle.

The specific positioning of this placeholders comes directly from the location Master.

4. Default Title and Text slide Layout

The default layout for every the subsequent slides is Title and also Text.

When new slide is added, the title and also text slide layout is used.

This layout consists of two text placeholders:

one because that the on slide title throughout the top

a bigger placeholder because that the actual slide content.

The specific positioning of this placeholder textboxes ~ above these two layouts comes directly from the slide Master.

5. Exactly how to readjust the on slide Layout ?

Click Format menu, Slide Layout to display screen the on slide Layout job pane.

To apply a brand-new slide layout come the selected slide(s), click on the matching slide layout thumbnail.

The brand-new layout will be used to the present slide there is no affecting the slides content.

as soon as you have changed the on slide layout you have the right to close the slide layout job pane.

6. What are AutoLayouts ?

PowerPoint has actually an AutoLayout function that attempts to reposition her slide contents to enhance the corresponding slide layout.

Works only with Text and Diagram Placeholders.

The AutoLayout function is switched on by default however can be conveniently removed:

click Tools menu,

AutoCorrect Options,

click AutoFormat together you type tab,

change Automatic layout for placed objects option.

Everytime friend insert a brand-new slide you will certainly be request to pick the AutoLayout.

You have the right to always add and delete practice items later.

7. Use an AutoLayout to an Existing on slide

In normal view,

display the on slide you desire to change,

Click the style menu,

then click slide Layout.

Click the AutoLayout friend want.

8. Insert a brand-new Slide

Formatting toolbar:

Click the new Slide button,

Click the AutoLayout you want to use.

come delete a on slide quickly:

In Outline, or Slides pane, or on slide Sorter view,

select the on slide you want, press Delete key.

9. Get in Information in a Placeholder

For message placeholders,

click the placeholder,

then kind the text.

For various other objects,

click the placeholder,

then work with the feature that PowerPoint activates.

10. Fast tip: just how to duplicate a on slide

to duplicate a slide,

In the Outline, or on slide pane of normal view,

click the on slide you want to duplicate,

click the modify menu,

then click Duplicate.

11. Entering and also Deleting message

A message placeholder:

one empty text box.

The insertion point, or blinking upright line, suggests where message will show up when friend type.

In normal or slide view:

form text straight into the message placeholders.

Placeholder gets resized instantly to fit the content.

The AutoFit Text feature changes

line spacing

paragraph spacing in between lines of text

font dimension to do the message fit.

12. Enter Text into a Placeholder

In typical view, click the message placeholder.

get in your text.

Click outside the message object come deselect the thing at any type of time.

13. AutoLayout Placeholder types



Bulleted list

display screens a quick list of related items

Clip arts

Inserts a picture from the Clip Organizer


Inserts a chart

diagram or company Chart

Inserts an business chart


Inserts a table indigenous Microsoft native

Media Clip

Inserts a music, sound, or video clip clip


Inserts a picture from a record

14. Insert and also Delete message

location the insertion allude where you want to insert text.

kind the text.

to delete text, push

Backspace an essential (deletes left)

Delete vital (deletes right).

15. Enter Text in a Bulleted list

In common view, click in the bulleted text placeholder.

type the first bulleted item.

press Enter.

type the following bulleted item.

Repeat the above steps to complete the list.

Tip: push Tab come indent a level, or press Shift+Tab to move ago out a level.

16. AutoFit button

If there is much more text than can fit top top a slide, the AutoFit switch appears:

Click the AutoFit button

Click the alternative of your an option to right the message on the slide.

17. Horizontal Aligning and also Spacing text

PowerPoint permits control of text alignment ~ above the slide:

left: helpful for paragraph message

right: advantageous for message labels

center: advantageous for titles and headings

To readjust the alignment

select the object

~ above the Formatting toolbar,

click the appropriate alignment button: Align Left, Center, or Right.

18. Vertical Aligning and Spacing text

adjust the vertical an are between

selected lines

space before and also after paragraphs

use Formatting toolbar heat spacing buttons:

increase Paragraph Spacing

Decrease paragraph Spacing)

Use format menu,

line Spacing command.

19. Readjust Text Alignment

select the message box.

~ above the Formatting toolbar,

click an alignment button:

Align Left,

Align Center,

Align Right.

20. Readjust Line Spacing

pick the message object through the dotted selection box:

click everywhere in the i you want to adjust.

on the layout menu,

click line Spacing.

click the before Paragraph or After paragraph arrows to choose a setting.

click OK.

21. The web page Setup

before you design a presentation,

usage the web page Setup dialog box to set

slide proportions,

on slide orientation ~ above the page,

on slide numbering.

The presentation size and also orientation affects just how much info fits ~ above the slide.

The standard size for one on-screen presentation is 10 by 7.5 inches.

If presentation is for print purposes, the 8.5 through 11 inch letter paper size functions the best.

22. Editing the page Setup

Click the Portrait or Landscape choice to orient her

slides - notes - handouts - outline.

to specify the starting page number,

click the Number Slides indigenous up and also down arrows.

Click document menu

page Setup.

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Click the Slides sized For perform arrow,

choose the size you want.

come customize the slide size,

click the Width and Height up and down arrows to go into a details inches because that