Four CSI shows? did I review that right? Yes, this spring, the 4th incarnation that CBS’s crime drama will certainly debut as a mid-season replacement because that the initial “CSI: Crime scene Investigation”. Titled “CSI Cyber”, Patricia Arquette and also James Vander Beeck will certainly be the leader respectfully as the chief Cyber-Psychologist and also her an elderly special agent. In April, the personalities were presented on an episode of CSI: ras Vegas. CSI: Cyber will be set in Virginia and also what will be the theme tune for the brand-new show? Well, obviously it’s gained to be a song by The Who! The three previous version of the show all featured a standard by the british rockers. Which track would the be? “Love power O’er Me”?, “Emminence Front”? “Substitute”? “Magic Bus”? inspect out the 4 CSI theme songs:


“CSI: Crime scene Investigation” WHO are YOU – THE WHOThe original collection ran for 15 seasons! beginning in 2000, Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) driven the envelope of breaking science discoveries with intricate crime cases. The collection also starred the likes the Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue, and Lawrence Fishburne over the decade and also a fifty percent run.

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“CSI: Miami” WON’T gain FOOLED AGAIN – THE WHOKicked off in 2002, just two year after the original CSI, the Miami series ran because that ten years. Horatio Caine (David Caruso) has come to be the go-to meme when it concerns catchy one-liners and also a elevator of the sunglasses.

“CSI: new York” BABA O’REILLY – THE WHOHard to believe CSI: brand-new York ran for nine seasons! Gary Sinise, Sela Ward, and Melina Kanakaredes starred in the gritty Gotham variation of the crime drama.

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“CSI: Cyber” I deserve to SEE because that MILES – THE WHOPatricia Arquette and also Ted Danson (yes, his 2nd go round through a CSI series) starred in this short run series. Fun fact, mine friend, Pavllo Zengo, starred in the premiere illustration in 2015.

CSICSI CyberCSI las VegasCSI layout SongEmminence FrontI deserve to See because that MilesJames Vander BeeckPatricia ArquetteThe WhoWon"t acquire Fooled Again

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