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New Jersey entrance to Lincoln Tunnel
Weehawken, new Jersey to Midtown Manhattan, brand-new York City, US
40°45′45″N 74°00′40″W / 40.7625°N 74.0111°W / 40.7625; -74.0111Coordinates: 40°45′45″N 74°00′40″W / 40.7625°N 74.0111°W / 40.7625; -74.0111
Route 495 (NJ side)
NY 495 (NY side)
Port authority of brand-new York and brand-new Jersey
Port authority of new York and brand-new Jersey
(eastbound only) as of December 6, 2015; car $15.00 for cash, $12.50 for optimal (E-ZPass), $10.50 for Off-peak (E-ZPass)
108,655 (2011, "AADT")
March 1934 – December 1937 (center tube)1937–1938, 1941–1945 (north tube)1954–1957 (south tube)
7,482 ft (2,281 m) (north)8,216 ft (2,504 m) (center)8,006 ft (2,440 m) (south)
35 miles per hour (56 km/h)
−97 feet (−30 m)
13 feet (4.0 m)
21.5 feet (6.6 m)



The Lincoln Tunnel is an about 1.5-mile-long (2.4 km) set of three tunnels under the Hudson River, connecting Weehawken, brand-new Jersey and Midtown Manhattan in brand-new York City. An integral conduit within the new York metropolitan Area, it to be designed by Norwegian-born polite engineer Ole Singstad and also named ~ U.S. Chairman Abraham Lincoln. It is just one of two auto tunnels developed under the river, the other being the Holland Tunnel. The Lincoln Tunnel dead a daily average of around 120,000 engine vehicles.

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The 8,216-foot (2,504-metre) facility tube opened in 1937, complied with by the 7,482-foot (2,281-metre) north pipe in 1945. The 8,006-foot (2,440-metre) south tube was the critical to open, in 1957.

The tunnel is part of NJ 495 on the western half of the river, and the unsigned NY 495 on the eastern half of the river.


The tunnel was originally to be called Midtown vehicular Tunnel, however the planners eventually chose that the new tunnel deserved a name that was of similar importance to that of the George Washington Bridge, and also named that after Abraham Lincoln.

Designed by Ole Singstad, the tunnel was funded through the new Deal"s Public functions Administration. Construction started on the very first tube (now the center of the three tubes) in march 1934. It opened up to traffic on December 22, 1937, charging $0.50 per passenger car, equal to $7.42 today. The cost of building was $85 million, same to $1.35 billion today.

The original style called for two tubes. Work on a second tube, north of the very first one, was halted in 1938 yet resumed in 1941. As result of war material shortages of metal, completion to be delayed for 2 years. It opened up on February 1, 1945, through Michael Catan, brother of Omero Catan (known as Mr. First, attending end 526 opening day events), selected to be the very first to lead the public through the tube.

A third tube to be proposed through the harbor Authority of new York and new Jersey because of increased traffic demand but initially opposed by the City of brand-new York, which was trying to obtain the port Authority to aid pay because that the road improvements that the City would require to take care of the additional traffic. Eventually, a deteriorate was functioned out, and the third tube opened up on might 25, 1957 to the south of the original two tunnels. Return the 3 portals space side by next in new Jersey, in brand-new York City the north pipe portal is close to Eleventh Avenue in between 38th and 39th Streets. This portal is one block west that the various other two tunnels" portals, which emerge side by next at Tenth Avenue in between 38th and also 39th Streets.

In 2012—the 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Tunnel and 85th anniversary that the Holland Tunnel in surrounding Jersey City—the Hoboken historical Museum held an exhibit in its main Gallery dubbed Driving Under the Hudson: The history of the Holland and also Lincoln Tunnels, i beg your pardon explores the 2 tunnels" histories, and how they influenced the region. Rutgers college professor Angus Gillespie, that wrote the 2011 book, crossing Under the Hudson: The Story that The Holland and Lincoln Tunnels, offered as a consultant for the exhibit"s design.


The 3 tubes make up six traffic lanes in total and also carries a an unified total of virtually 108,000 vehicles every day. During the morning sirloin hour, one traffic lane in the facility tube dubbed the "XBL" (exclusive bus lane) is supplied only through buses. The new Jersey method roadway, locally well-known as The Helix, turns in a final half-circle before getting here at the toy fee booths in front of the tunnel portals. In Manhattan, Dyer Avenue and the Lincoln Tunnel Expressway offer as the major egress roads for the Lincoln Tunnel. Although the facility tube typically provides one take trip lane in each direction, both of the take trip lanes in the tunnel"s center tube space reversible and also can it is in configured because that peak-hour traffic need if needed.

Normally, just motor traffic provides the tunnel, yet every year, a few bicycle tours and foot races pass through by unique arrangement.

The XBL is by much the busiest and also most abundant bus roadway in the united States. The roadway operates weekday mornings accommodating around 1,700 buses and also 62,000 commuters, largely to the port Authority Bus Terminal. The ridership ~ above the buses utilizing the XBL is greater than that on new Jersey Transit"s commuter rail into Penn Station.

Route numbering

With the cancellation the the Mid-Manhattan Expressway, intended to lug Interstate 495 through new York City to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel and also the lengthy Island Expressway, the NYSDOT and also NJDOT steeling the Lincoln Tunnel, Queens-Midtown Tunnel, and the freeway link to NJ 3 as state routes. Some indications still list the tunnels together I-495. Return the commonwealth Highway management still considers the Midtown Tunnel to it is in an Interstate, the Lincoln Tunnel is no much longer on the interstate system. In brand-new Jersey, the freeway was officially demoted to NJ 495 and also very couple of signs still check out "I-495". In Manhattan, 34th Street links NY/NJ 495 and I-495.

As the 2012, the tunnel dead the unsigned NY 495 and also NJ 495. The NY 495 designation uses to the component of the tunnel in new York, and also vice versa because that NJ 495.




As of December 6, 2015, the cash tolls walking from new Jersey to brand-new York room $15 for cars and also motorcycles; over there is no toll for passenger vehicles walk from new York to new Jersey. E-ZPass users space charged $10.50 because that cars and also $9.50 for motorcycles throughout off-peak hrs (outside that 6–10 a.m. And 4–8 p.m. Top top the weekdays; and outside that 11 a.m.–9 p.m. Top top the weekends) and $12.50 for cars and $11.50 for motorcycles throughout peak hrs (6–10 a.m. And also 4–8 p.m. ~ above the weekdays; and 11 a.m.–9 p.m. ~ above the weekends).

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Historically, the tolls were:

Historic tolls because that the Lincoln TunnelYearsTollToll equivalentin 20212018Notes
1937–1970$0.50$2.74 – 7.42each direction
1970–1975$1.00$3.96 – 5.49eastbound only
1975–1980$1.50$3.88 – 5.94eastbound only
1980–1987$2.00$3.75 – 5.17eastbound only
1987–1991$3.00$4.69 – 5.62eastbound only
1991–2001$4.00$4.82 – 6.26eastbound only
2001–2008$6.00$5.94 – 7.22eastbound only
2008–2011$8.00$8.00 – 7.92eastbound only
2011–2013$12.00$12.00 – 12.00eastbound only
2013–2014$13.00$13.00eastbound only
2014–2015$14.00$14.00eastbound only
2015 (Dec)–$15.00$15.00eastbound only


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