Every day, regulation enforcement officers throughout various jurisdictions hear thousands of excuses native drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts. While the top excuse for not wearing a seatbelt is relatable, it only shows how many still ignore the importance of wearing them. This overview will provide you insight into the:

Most typical excuses for no wearing a seatbeltShortcut technique to very nice seatbelt tickets in court


Top Seatbelt Ticket forgiveness Debunked

Based on years of empirical data collected by the federal authorities, you’ll find several usual excuses that human being who to be pulled over for flouting seatbelt legislations use. If a couple of excuses are understandable, many of them room outright absurd.You are watching: The peak excuse for not wearing her seat belt is __________

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For most U.S. States, the top excuse for no wearing a seatbelt is—I’m only going under the road.

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sounds bland, doesn’t it? So, why is this together a widely-used excuse? The reality is that most unbelted motorists panic as soon as they’re pulled over, and also going-a-short-distance is commonly the very first excuse lock come up through in those break-up seconds. This excuse doesn’t work, and the officer will certainly most likely ticket friend and add penalty clues to your driver’s license, depending upon the legislations prevalent in her state.

Excuses That constantly Fall Flat

Not attract a seatbelt is taken into consideration a relocating violation in part states and an equipment violation in others—you can gain demerit points because that both cases. Regardless that the form of violation, you shouldn’t usage these excuses to justify not wearing a seatbelt, and here is why:

ExcuseWhy It doesn’t Work“Airbag has me covered”The an easy engineering the airbags is to make it work with seatbelts—malfunctioning airbags and also related injuries can cost you her life“I’m a good driver”You might be a great driver, yet not anyone else is too. Also, being a poor driver is no the just reason behind tragic traffic accidents“I’ll be trapped in the event of a crash”As per nationwide Highway website traffic Safety administration (NHTSA), unbelted passengers who space ejected indigenous the vehicle during a crash space 2.3 times more likely to die“It’s uncomfortable/time-consuming to wear one”Such excuses are taken into consideration uncooperative as they litter logic out the window. Seatbelts room designed to protect you and not provide you a rejuvenating spa experience. Also, the hardly bring away a couple of seconds to buckle and unbuckle them“I can do what i want v my life” or “Seatbelts damage my vibe”Teen drivers often offer rebellious excuses for skipping the belt, which outcomes in added demerit points and raised auto insurance allowance rates. Placing a seatbelt on way you’re driving responsibly and being considerate in the direction of the resides of:

Your co-passengersEveryone rather on the road“My son won’t listen”Ignoring children’s seatbelt legislations is a significant offense, therefore adults should ensure belting increase is a non-negotiable element of acquiring in the auto or the truck. Currently, only kids in commercial vehicles, such as college buses, space exempt indigenous seatbelt laws

How To attend to a Seatbelt Ticket

Not put on a seatbelt ticket method you’re top top the wrong next of the law—you’ll be slapped with a moderate come a heavy fine and may even be cited to show up in court. If you’ve already ended up with a seatbelt ticket but don’t desire to salary the fines, girlfriend can face severe after-effects like:

Losing her credibility together a driverHaving your patent suspendedBeing tagged as a court debtorGetting your auto towed awayHaving one arrest warrant in her name

These results can be avoided by:

Paying the fines—which means you’re admitting come guiltGoing come a web traffic school—also way you’re at faultContesting the ticket in court and getting the overturned—doing this absolves the blemish from her license and proves you’re innocent

Going to court for seatbelt tickets saps your time, money, and energy—even as soon as you’re no guilty. If you want to appeal her seatbelt ticket indigenous the lull of your couch, gimpppa.org’s Seatbelt Ticket product is your money-saving solution! Our application can send an appeal letter in her stead within minutes—all you should do is subscribe to our services!


What Arguments assist You obtain Away through a Seatbelt Ticket?

You have the right to beat a seatbelt ticket if you current a valid argument around:

Reasonable doubt—by proving that you were actually wearing a seatbeltDue diligence—by prove you had actually a solid reason for no wearing one

Here space a few convincing arguments that actually stand a possibility in the court the law:

“I have a doctor-certified medical problem that stays clear of me native wearing a seatbelt”“The officer didn’t spot my seatbelt as it to be the same shade as mine shirt”“I was driving in reverse”“My seatbelt turned faulty”“I have actually a witness who saw me attract a seatbelt”

No issue What rhyme or Reason—gimpppa.org can Help!

You don’t need to live through the burden of a seatbelt violation—gimpppa.org offers you a solid chance to prove your innocence v our Seatbelt Ticket product. Our robot lawyer won’t ever turn you away—gimpppa.org stands by her side no issue what your argument is.


To appeal your seatbelt ticket, do this:

Take a picture of her ticket and upload itFill out the questionnaire through these details:Who got the ticket—the driver, passenger, or a kid?What argument do you want to use?Add proof to assistance your argument (optional)

gimpppa.org will gather her responses to draft a installation appeal letter and send it to the pertinent authorities. If your debate clicks with them, your ticket will be dismissed in document time!


Being educated and also informed is a superpower when it concerns contesting seatbelt tickets. Use this table to check out our guides on state-specific seatbelt laws:

TexasCaliforniaFloridaNorth CarolinaPennsylvaniaMarylandGeorgiaArizonaIllinoisMichiganVirginiaIndianaNew JerseyTennesseeNew York StateWashington StateMissouriColoradoUtahSouth CarolinaMassachusettsNevadaOhioAlabamaOregonWisconsinOklahomaArkansasMinnesotaKentuckyIdahoConnecticutKansasLouisianaIowaWest VirginiaNew MexicoMississippiHawaiiNebraskaNew HampshireMaineDelawareMontanaRhode IslandAlaskaSouth DakotaWyomingNorth DakotaDistrict the ColumbiaVermont

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