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1. Right into the Spider"s Web2. Rooftop3. Taming the Wild Cat4. Black color Sheep5. In Between6. Nostalgia7. Dark Mirage8. Dangled top top a String9. Read between the Lines10. Vindicated11. The crucial to Unlock Oneself


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Kuroro had actually recovered native Kurapika"s judgment chain, however only on the rules the Kurapika had collection up. For some reason, the nen continued to be still minimal him from killing Kurapika when fate lugged them together. Kuroro climate resulted in having the Kuruta join Genei Ryodan. Kuroro x Kurapika/shonen-ai


Storyline base on the anime: the Ryodan discovered Abengane, a Nen-remover, that left GI through Hisoka. This fanfic happens after that, and also in between the time Gon and also Killua to be still in GI, if Kurapika left York Shin under Nostrad’s order.

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I"ve composed this story back in 2006-2009, posted on I just got ago to proceed where ns left off, in addition to re-editing this fanfic. I simply thought ns should post here in AO3 also ;)

SPANISH version by EddieUsagiD:

Chapter Text

Title: The Sun additionally Shines in ~ Night - thing 1: right into the Spider"s web I

Summary: Kuroro regulated to eliminate Kurapika"s referee chain"s conditions. The two met by coincidence. As result of a details Nen condition, Kuroro couldn"t kill Kurapika ideal away, for this reason he took the young in Genei Ryodan instead. Kuroro x Kurapika, shonen-ai.

Disclaimer: Hunter x Hunter belongs come the good Yoshihiro Togashi-sensei.


Chapter 1 into the Spider"s Web

Kuroro Lucifer stood end a dead body. His challenge was still as he silently watched the prone form of the Nen-remover, Abengane. There was a short moment of silence together Kuroro brought his hand approximately level it at his chest. The felt the absence of it; the chain-user"s Nen had actually been obliterated. Not much from him, Hisoka to be watching, his lips twitched upward into a cheeky grin. The jester was wait for the to check the consequence.

"One way to find out," the male with an inverted cross trailed off. That concentrated, it had actually been a while…he wondered if it would certainly take part time. His situation had to be stressed since York Shin, for an excellent reason. Adhering to Neon Nostrad"s prophecy, he had actually traveled eastern to come in the suburbs of Attique city in the east Area. He came trying to find a Nen-user who can alleviate the cursed Nen conquering him by the chain-guy.

He had contacted Hisoka, as he seemed to be the only one who was available, in hopes that the clown would lend a hand trying to find a Nen-remover. There to be a price, the course, as there constantly was: Kuroro had agreed come fight him if he flourished in his task. His concealed message come the Spiders in Greed Island through Hisoka"s making use of his name had worked out. They found Abengane.

And below he was now, dead; his life force had been terminated as a consequence of remove the chain-guy"s powerful Nen. Abengane himself knew it would certainly happen, however he made decision to carry out so regardless for sheer amount of money, back he would certainly never have the ability to use the in his lifetime. It to be for his sister"s sickness, as much as Kuroro knew. The didn"t issue to him what it had actually been for.

Kuroro provided that the vast creature summoned through Abengane, i m sorry appeared and also swallowed the cursed Nen, suddenly was neutralized ~ it had finished that is deed. The proven enough of just how overpowering the chain-guy"s Nen was, due to the fact that normally the creature have to still it is in alive, remaining with the person the oppressive Nen had actually been eliminated from.

The chain-guy to be still out there; his existence was a danger to Kuroro"s life. He essential to take care of this concern as shortly as possible.

"But now, an initial things first." Kuroro focused again. And there it was in his hand, showing up from nowhere: his skill book. His lips curved upward into a smile. "Finally…" he hadn"t felt much better for months, not since York Shin v the Nen binding upon his heart, restricting that from his abilities. Yet he wasn"t certain who was happier at the return that his Nen, himself or the orange-haired male who now paced closer through a sinister grin stretched from ear come ear. That let his skill publication disappear and turned to face Hisoka. Kuroro"s dark, black color eyes doubted silently, "Now?"

Hisoka stopped in front of him and answered the unvoiced question. "Eat and also rest well because that today, Kuroro. I desire you come be at your complete capacity once we fight." His tone was barely included with thrill, "When can it be? I have the right to hardly wait."

The Spider head sighed softly. "A promise is a promise. At least he doesn"t press it therefore unexpectedly choose last time…" "Tomorrow, then. I"ll manage."

Hisoka smiled pleasingly, his eye narrowed. Climate he turned and waved. "I"m looking forward to morning then."

Kuroro watched the guy vanish into the woods. Then he left as well, finally moving from the spot he had actually inhabited for so long. Abengane"s corpse put there, forgotten.

He would have to contact the remainder of the spiders, though handling Hisoka would need to come first. Then he required to hunt down the chain-guy. Through that in mind, the made his means into the nearby city.


It was a so late afternoon in Attique, a city near to the Atlantic Ocean. Attique was known for its timeless ways the life and also conservation of antiquities. Every kinds the cultural, historic museums and also human creations can be discovered here. Kuroro strolled follow me the canal – deep, tho water mirrored through evening clouds.

He gotten in one the the surrounding cafes and seated himself among the crowd. Ordering part food, he ordered a newspaper and scanned end it just for something to read and learn a tiny about this city. Then, just as he was about to pull his phone call out, that abruptly paused. His dark eye shifted come zero in top top a figure that had just gotten in the cafe. He recognized the human instantly, and also brought the newspaper up more on the level that his face.

He didn"t need one more peek come be particular that the was himHe was a boy that stood out most in the crowd. Blond hair hair, ocean green eyes, fragile physique, pale skin…a exceptional one, he might add. The young still wore the same blue tribal clothes he had actually on when they had met, ago in York Shin.

"The Chain-guy."

Said chain-guy to be sitting at a party angle, largely turned far from Kuroro, and was casually notified his food. Obviously, he was unaware that the close scrutiny he had actually attracted.

Kuroro ongoing to watch as the Kuruta started eating his food quietly. He it was observed the boy, silently assessing. It was this boy that placed him with so much. Instead of death him, the boy had rendered him powerless through wiring his heart through a materialized arrow, which would certainly kill him instantly need to the conditions be broken.

"Impressive." A single Kuruta had actually been the very very first one to subjugate the fearsome leader the Genei Ryodan. When Uvogin had been killed, Kuroro had actually nonchalantly pictured the foe as a terrifying man. No this boy whom he had actually mistaken for a girl on very first glance. By the look at of it, the Kuruta couldn"t be an ext than sixteen or seventeen. Simply a boy whose facial expressions, actions, and also thoughts to be older than his age. That would think the famous leader the Genei Ryodan would certainly be subdued by a boy of the Kuruta tribe renowned for their pacifist nature?

"Guess that"s just how the thirst because that revenge works. I have the right to hardly understand it, now." Kuroro wonder if the Kuruta had pursued him. The Kuruta should have felt the minute his Nen had been lifted. However could it be feasible that the young knew about his whereabouts, and also at this speed? "Well, one means to discover out." The male rose from his seat, took his plate of food that had been set before him lengthy ago, and made his way to the boy. He asked, "Would you mind share the table?"

The Kuruta to be unaware. He had actually a habit of closeup of the door his eye while eating, a habits which seemed to be hosted by most every human who was focused. The boy nodded, only simply then that he recognized that voice; that deep rich…firm and cold voice. His eco-friendly eyes suddenly snapped vast while the man currently took the seat and collection the bowl down.

"What the hell!?" Chair fallen backward, Kurapika fastened on his feet, gazing down at the guy sitting in front of him, unbelievingly. His barely managed outburst and also the sound of collapse chair were loud sufficient to turn the group dead silent. They had actually their surprised fist on him.

Kuroro"s face displayed unauthorized surprise and also he responded, "Having dinner...?" that turned to it is provided the apologies come the world that were looking at them. "Please don"t mind him, being too surprise to see a lengthy lost old friend." then he turned earlier to the boy, pointing his finger down to the table. "Now, why don"t girlfriend sit down and also we"ll have some great old times chat."

Kurapika let the end a soft grunt as he became more aware the his situation. He compelled down to compose, calming himself, and also retreated the chair.

"How surprising…you"re still sit down?" The guy started eat his food. "So the wasn"t after me. That mustn"t have expected to check out me here. The world is too big for a small Kuruta…"

Kurapika glared venomously at him. "You can"t execute anything anyway, abiding by my rules." The young warned.

Kuroro paused and also blinked, he placed the fork down. "So it means he doesn"t understand it yet? just how come?" He speculated. The had already tried using Nen and was quiet alive. Although that hadn"t made call with his comrades yet. Yet it couldn"t be that he had actually to break both rules in order for judgment Chain come activate. He had actually to uncover out.

The man gestured come the boy. Kurapika took it knowingly; both that them paid the bills before heading out.


It was obtaining late. The sun collection itself on the horizon behind the ocean, means out to the sky, with flocks that seagulls hovering and cooing.

The Spider head led the boy v a specific path, right into a secluded area that the city. The boy kept his stare on the man"s earlier as he complied with the footsteps, keeping an quantity distance. He studied the male no longer clad in his black overcoat with the inverted overcome on the back; instead he only wore black lengthy sleeve shirt and pants. His overall physical appearance looked the same, through the raven-haired slicked ago and the tattoo top top his forehead.

Only once they do it into a dimmed spacious alley walk the guy turned approximately to challenge him. Both had actually their eyes locked on each other, no did move nor speak.

Kurapika knew this day would come, however he didn"t expect it to be so soon. He had actually been calmed sufficient listening come Killua"s warning around the possibility of his Nen binding Kuroro Lucifer being lifted. Yet having the real man that he hated many right in prior of him to be a different story. Eventually, Kurapika"s annoyance drove the end unease. The man was the one who referred to as him out and now he simply stood there, watching and also waiting. The was acquiring on his nerves.

The man smiled as he noticed the patient Kurapika had actually was wearing thin. His intention had been fulfilled. Once the boy remained in rage he couldn"t maintain his caution and control. Kuroro currently thought that the method to cheat the boy into giving him part answer.

"I mean you travel in search of your clan"s eyes?"

“I’m no obliged to answer you."

"Haven"t discovered any, ns assume?"

"…!" The boy’s eyes flashed red momentarily.

Kuroro smirked at the response he attracted from the boy.

"I"m looking for a Nen-remover, as you might already know."

Kurapika blinked. He wondered why the man had actually to tell the that. However the previous statement had left him in anger, he offered the hints no further thought. For this reason he returned the man"s sarcasm. "How regrettably of you…I view you haven"t uncovered one yet."

"Right come the point, that"s precisely what I want to know." It appeared that the chain-guy to be not conscious the Nen had actually been lifted. The inquiry of exactly how come…could be answer later. "Now, there would be no little brats acquiring in a way, no hostages and also bargaining." Kuroro paced closer purposefully. "Don"t girlfriend think our previous encounter to be left unsettled?"

Kurapika fell into guarded position. "Don"t it is in stupid. You can"t usage Nen."

Kuroro feel something in his stomach turned. That was sure as hell that the boy should really desire him dead…now. Why stop the battle? to be it since the boy thought he would certainly be helpless there is no Nen? So…that supposed the young wouldn"t hit a defenseless man, even though said guy was the cause of his clan"s death?

"How unnerving…"

The man closed his eyes and also rubbed the earlier of his head, letting the end a long sigh. "Don"t it is in careless. I"ve killed human being with bare hands even without Nen." the paused. "That"s what ns did come old people, women, and even children in her Kuruta clan. Gouging out their eye didn"t require Nen at all."

As quickly as the statement to be finished, all hell broke loose.


Kuroro yes, really couldn"t know the young in front of him. The boy was panting, sweating, and bleeding, as with Kuroro himself. The had currently used Nen, however Kuroro might tell that it wasn"t in a full capacity. And for the most part, they had involved in hand come hand combat because that a while, after ~ the boy"s eyes turned shining scarlet instantly the minute Kuroro issued the formidable provocation.

The male was particular that he had the upper-hand by now. In spite of the young having regulated to tie his left hand through that chain, he kept avoiding it native binding the further. Yet the table to be turned, together their hit now came to be a nearby combat. The boy was in reality a very great fighter, however not as good as that in this type of combat. He as soon as learned a little from Hisoka the the boy had always fought through weapons earlier then. But Kuroro grew up in a location where he had actually to make it through by kicking, struggling, and thrashing about. That was much more than familiar with staying alive through nothing to be a cover because that him.

"Not bad," Kuroro complimented. "But tho not good enough. Battered restraining her Nen, use it together you want to death me," the male ordered. "You"re no winning me. Your sense of fairness and also justice won"t assist you to make it the end alive."

Kurapika only gritted his teeth. The so wanted to tell the he almost gave his all right into this battle. However the male he battled was so cursed fast. Without any solitary distraction, Kuroro regulated to avoid every one of the chains aiming to record him. The idea of taking the man"s life to be so tempting, however then again he did remember exactly how he feeling after ending someone"s life.

Kuroro let the end a sigh. "Perhaps if I use my Nen…then you"ll really begin using yours together well." together expected, the Kuruta faltered incredulously ~ above hearing that. The guy let his bluish-mauve aura flow, exhibiting Nen.

"How…?" Kurapika rasped out, eye widened. He"d known around that possibility, however he quiet should have actually known if his Nen had actually been removed.

"I"d prefer to know the price too, why friend didn"t have any kind of idea about this." Kuroro"s eyes lingered in ~ his own aura, prior to they turned to the Kuruta. "But I"ll find that the end later…after your life is done for."

Kurapika tightened the organize on his chain instantly, prepare to go all out.


The encounter was much shorter this time. Kurapika realized the his fight through Uvogin had actually been nothing compared to the leader itself. Kuroro was able to dodge almost every activity of Chain Jail he delivered. The one chain that managed to capture Kuroro"s hand currently seemed to it is in a mistake together it to be the guy that preserved pulling him in by that associated chain. That hissed in ~ the close to zero opportunity of winning.

It dawned ~ above him that he might not do it out…alive.

A heavy blow associated with his stomach. He fell to his knees, bending forward, sneeze up blood for the third times. His head hung low together his rigid directed towards the ground, see his sweat and also blood dripping. His hands, sustaining him native falling further, now clenched right into tight fists. The chain binding Kuroro"s hand currently loosened.

"I"m disappointed. I thought you"d far better than that, being the very first one that had captured and brought me down back then." Kuroro stood above the boy, staring down at him without emotion. The bent down and also tipped the boy"s chin increase to challenge him. Violent fury behind those flame-colored eye bored right into the callous black-ones. "How determined," Kuroro thought, and also he announced it out loud. "Yours space the best, contrasted to every the various other Kurutas. Because that that, I"ll take her eyes, in addition to your head."

Feeling intimidated yet infuriated to the core, Kurapika jerked away from the Spider"s hand. He jumped earlier and failed to stand up right. No method in hell the he was going to provide up ~ above what need to belong come him…to his clan! But the man was currently in front of him as soon as he obtained up. All he might see currently was a hand shoot out, aiming because that his throat.


It to be fast, yet Kuroro was able to protect against his hand indigenous going more through the Kuruta"s neck and also avoided the blow the boy sent out at the same time. "Too slow." He managed a comment prior to he delivered a hefty punch come the boy"s stomach, forcing Kurapika to land on the ground after staggering a couple of paces.

Once again, Kuroro tilted his head ago to clock the boy pushed himself up, but failed. And he didn"t relocate for a 2nd time. Kuroro, stood there, regained his posture, and looked at the unconscious Kuruta. "What the hell was that?" The man carried his hand up to his chest level, right over his heart.

"I feeling it…the Nen-chain…was activating again…"


"Dan…chou?" Shalnark uttered expectantly as he reply the call that showed the surname of Kuroro ~ above the screen. ~ above hearing the word "Danchou," all of his Spider comrades rotate their attention on him.

"Shalnark." There was a pause and a faint sigh the relief. "Finally-"

"Danchou! has the chain-guy"s Nen curse to be lifted!? Where space you!?" Shalnark wondered about in a hurry. His Spider comrades were currently at his side: Machi, Nobunaga, and Phinx turned their ears close to the device. Franklin, Shizuku, and Feitan stand behind the four, listened come the conversation attentively if Coltopi and also Bonorenof only watched from where they to be situated.

"Yes, the cursed-Nen had been removed. But I"m not certain what happened, ns think it"s not entirely gone…although I already broke the 2 rules." Kuroro explained, his voice together calm together ever.

"I don"t think ns understand, Danchou. Yet are you coming back to us? We"re still at York Shin," Shalnark asked, being hopeful.

"…Ok…I"ll be over there by tomorrow." A pause. "And…I"ll lug along the chain-guy."

"What!?" Shalnark shouted as Machi, Nobunaga, and also Phinx couldn"t think what they had just heard.

"I"ll explain later. Yet I have actually him right here with me."

"But…he"s dangerous. Space you going to be alright?"

"I obtained him. Hisoka is likewise with me. I"ll view you males at York Shin then." With that, the line went dead.

His comrades pestered Shalnark with questions after he put the an equipment away. He sighed and smiled half-heartedly. "Danchou"s coming back…" v that everyone"s eye lit up just to fade away into a frown when Shalnark added, "…with the chain-guy."


He was feeling somewhat drowsy, despite the cold rain that drenched him. As soon as he opened his eyes, that blurrily saw things upside down. The couldn"t move: his entire body to be paralyzed. However why was he relocating through the air through such speed?

Kurapika concerned the realization the someone was moving him end a shoulder, but the pains in his stomach and also the numb feeling held him ago from reaction immediately. Still, every the memory of the previous events hit him. He to be fighting with Kuroro, the Spider head and might have lost it. Then…after that…

"Waking up in ~ last?" the cold voice request him. With all the toughness left in him, Kurapika snap his head approximately his left side and saw the Spider"s head there; his stoic challenge returned his gaze.

A fall of rain fell into the Kuruta"s eyes. It to be raining, similar to the job they an initial encountered.

As that now, they were relocating through rather a an extremely familiar metropolis in the night, York Shin City. The male trudged from one roof to an additional building. And also with inhuman speed, Kurapika might blearily make out that they to be farer indigenous the city. Kuroro had actually a tight grip ~ above his waist and also he flinched slightly in his captivator"s hands.

"What the hell is going on?" He believed for a while. "Ah…right…I fell…and to be I held captive?" He believed hard, and also recalled the fuzzy events.


The past day, that felt drained and exhausted. His vision to be blurry and his body was unable to move, return he want badly come decapitate the hands that roamed over his clothes, in search of something. The guy in former of the pulled out his wallet, and also the next moment his Hunter patent card was lifted just above the heat of his vision. Climate it to be gone because that a while, and came back. "A Blacklist Hunter, huh? You ended up being a Hunter in order to come ~ Spiders, impressive."

After that, he experienced Hisoka talking to the Spider head. Kurapika shuddered involuntary together the jester eyed him prior to he left.

He thought he have to be on one airship. The guy in former of the was talking on the phone, top top the topic of "weakness the the chain-user."


Then Kurapika flinched. Talking around his "weakness," he was specific that the Spider head must have actually known about it by now. Because he feel Pakunoda die back then. It just meant she had actually informed she comrades. Through that thought, he began to feel somewhat much more threatened than ever before. He gave an initiative to struggle out that the man"s grip.

"Stop struggling, it"s no use. You"re paralyzed," Kuroro explained. "Normal world shouldn"t be able to move in ~ all through that drug, nor wake up in much less than one hour after mine punch. However you did, moving and also waking increase from time to time. It must have been your strong will."

"What do you…want with me? Where room you…taking me?" the struggled come ask with a slur, as he feeling himself when again giving a means towards darkness. "Why don"t you…kill me now?" His voice gained softer before he progressively slipped turn off to unconsciousness.


"Because i can"t…for now…"

Kuroro to be a human who constantly knew what he to be doing. That knew exactly what that wanted and he would certainly determinedly strive for his goal if the had set his mind to it. Because that now, the didn"t have to answer the chain-guy"s questions due to the fact that the boy currently passed out. But he was certain that that would have a hell the a time explaining to every one of his comrades.

"No kid. The question is why didn"t you kill me when you had actually the chance."


He made it to the abandoned warehouse located on the outskirts of York Shin City. Many of the Ryodan rushed to his side as they witnessed him method from the doorway, if some remained their distance, yet still showing their satisfaction at their leader"s return. All nine that them were there, waiting. They began asking inquiries of how he had actually been, however what baffled them was the blue bundle they witnessed in Kuroro"s arms.

All that his comrades other than Shizuku and Bonorenof stirred in realizations, together they only made out the blond hair hair and also the tribal garments of its owner.

"So girlfriend really bring along the chain-user!?" Nobunaga approached through the evident restraining temper. Yet he was brought to abrupt halt as soon as Kuroro raised among his complimentary hands in gesturing the swordsman come stop.

"Stand back, Nobunaga." Kuroro offered a firm order together he turned contempt to the side, the bundle of chain-guy quiet in his arms, so that he was completely in the means between the approaching comrade and also his captive. "I"ll explain." that crouched down and put the chain-guy versus one the the debris in a sit position, almost carelessly saves for the boy"s head.

"Is this the guy? he doesn"t look like someone who have the right to take under Uvogin." Phinx commented as the others seemingly agreed. Certain he had seen the young from Pakunoda"s storage bullet, but the Chain-user currently seemed also smaller in reality.

"He watch so…feminine." Franklin added, and the others again apparently had the same opinion.

"That"s why I thought he was a girl in the first place." Kuroro peered under at the boy. "You couldn"t reference me, my eyes didn"t cheat did."

"So what"s the story, Danchou?" Machi, who wasn"t interest in the chain-user"s feminine functions interjected.

"Long story short. As you every probably had actually known indigenous Pakunoda"s memories, ns traveled to the east in search of the Nen-remover. I didn"t uncover one, however you did, Hisoka carried him come me." Here, Kuroro paused. "Speaking that Hisoka, is he currently here?"

His comrades shook his head climate Shalnark asked. "Did you fight through him?"

"That has to wait. I have to deal with the chain-guy first. Hisoka appeared pretty upset, however he claimed he"ll be here." The Spider head replied.

"Leave the be." Machi closed her eyes tediously in ~ the subject of a details jester being mentioned.

Then Kuroro"s mind shifted to another absent person, eyes had traveled come the spot wherein flowers and candles were gathered in the corner of the room, inverted cross made from timber on it. The Spider head stand up and paced to it. Shalnark had told him via the phone conversation that Pakunoda was dead after ~ revealing the chain-guy"s identity.

"So this is where Paku died…" Kuroro trailed off and closed his eyes, staying silence in front of the grave because that a lengthy while, his earlier to his comrades. "She should have actually waited."

"Danchou…" Shalnark dubbed out, breaking the silence.

Kuroro rotate back, encountering his comrades, his confront registered nothing. "It can"t it is in helped. Her fatality was no wasted anyway. We still have actually to resolve things in ~ hands."

"So what happened to you after that?" Machi raised.

Kuroro asserted a seat on the random wood box then continued. "Lifting the cursed Nen to be successful, through Abengane"s life. Ns tried Nen immediately and was quiet alive. Then ns met the chain-guy in the Attique City…by chance."

"By chance!? room you sure he"s not after friend on purpose!?" Nobunaga interrupted.

"Right…it"s a chance in a million, perhaps…fate?" Kuroro turned come the unconscious kind and back to his comrades. "No…he was means too shocked to check out me. Then I compelled him come fight me."

"Forced!?" The samurai interrupted again and Machi hissed at him.

"He didn"t want to fight in ~ first, reasoning that ns can"t usage Nen yet. We battled bare hands mostly, climate I presented Nen, the was completely caught turn off guard. I"d almost killed him. Yet the really moment i aimed to cut off his throat." he pointed his finger right above his heart. "I felt the activated; the referee chain. Once I dealt with him, I used gyou just in case, so ns felt the the really moment ns was around to death him."

His comrades" murmurs to fill the substantial spacious room. "How…"

"I"ve been thinking over the whole means here. From almost killing him, the solution stood for itself. I was forced to abide by two conditions. The Nen-remover successfully lifted the two conditions. But…the Nen itself stays…that"s all I deserve to think of."

Everyone made a baffled face. Then Shalnark to be the an initial one that hit his fist into the other palm. "Got it! It"s similar to those rarely cases. We know that Danchou could additionally die if the chain-guy dies because of the Nen that binds him. Abengane only had actually removed the two conditions, yet not the whole Nen itself. This means, although the two problems had been lifted, Danchou can still die if Kurapika dies, as result of Kurapika"s deep rooted resentment that stays in the kind of hatred-Nen, totally free of any conditions."

"So his resentment in the direction of Danchou is Nen chin that continues to stay, no the problems that had actually been lifted. There"s no such situation in the past, but who knows if this Kuruta can be the first one in history," Phinx elaborated.

"Meaning…I can"t death him simply yet, or I"ll it is in dead together well." Kuroro concluded. This pronouncement was adhered to by a emphasize mumble native his comrades.

"What room we going to do with him?" Machi asked.

"We save him; he"s powerless amongst us, until I discover out the means to eliminate his Nen completely," Kuroro answered.

"Well, if his Nen stays since of his deep rooted resentment, then if we have the right to make him hate Danchou less, then the possibility of his cursed-Nen totally lifted is possible?" Shizuku suggested ingenuously, resulting in everyone to eye her, speechless.

A chuckle escaped Kuroro"s lips. "That"s probably right, however it"ll it is in the last thing that would take place on earth. Anyway…" Kuroro lugged his hands over his lips, a gesture famed to his comrades that he to be contemplating on vital matter. "His abilities are very useful. Ns bet we"ve lost many assets and cash to eliminate this Nen, we need to regain it soon. His dowsing chain have the right to do the job…"

"So…?" Shalnark asked if he was actually getting a reservation of where the statement was leading. Machi too, had a hunch of what was coming.

But before further conversation was made…

"He"s waking up." with the 3 words Shizuku made together she pointed to the Kuruta, the room suddenly dropped dead silent. And exactly three seconds after that, according to noises and also jabbering to fill the spacious room.

Shalnark caught a glimpse in his leader"s eyes together he preserved his attentive eye on the Kuruta. Shalnark thought his Danchou must have actually been interested in exactly how the boy would react once he woke up and found self in this predicament.

"I gave him a dose; the can"t possibly move much to strike us." he spared his comrades warning eyes, an especially Nobunaga. "Don"t harm him."

Eventually Kurapika had completely regained his conscious, his challenge shocked together Kuroro observed in amusement. The Kuruta staggered come his feet however ended up stumbling sideways and also caught a debris close to him because that support. Climate the blond head abruptly snap up, scanning about the substantial space, man written almost everywhere his pale face upon addressing all the people around him through fatal aura. More than half of them were the familiar faces he remembered native the Mafia"s paper. His eye were currently red together they shifted back to the person closest come him, the Spider head.

He assumed currently that the reason Kuroro hadn"t kill him back there due to the fact that the bastard want him to suffer at his comrades" hands here. Instinct called him that he would never make it out alive. But he"d fight come the autumn of his last breath. In ~ least, he had to take one of them with him, a particular one.

"Don"t carry out anything stupid. You recognize you don"t was standing a chance." Kuroro increased to his feet, looking under at the worn the end Kuruta. "I don"t like you dying just yet." however it appeared that the seething young didn"t hear that anymore.

"…Spiders…I"ll death you…" Each and also every indigenous was talked through gritted this as Kurapika"s hand unsteadily postured come take action with his chains.

Kuroro was about to open up his mouth come say more. But prior to anyone knew what was happening, the Spider leader"s challenge was currently dripping through blood.


All the Spiders stared practically in disbelief. It to be fast. The Kuruta had actually just lashed out his chain that might have gone v their Danchou"s throat if the man hadn"t dodged.

Kurapika hissed the end in frustration. In the one second, he was enabled to think just how stupid it to be of him. He had actually firsthand experience what combating the Spider head was like…but this time, there was no Gon, Killua, Leorio or Senritsu to patience him down.

On the tail of the thought, his wrists were seized behind his back, through an applied force that can break his bones. It was the tiny black-haired guy with a bandana. "You"ve went as well far, brat."

Kuroro lugged a hand up to his face, and scraped his left cheek. He noted the blood top top his hand, the reduced was deep. He practically smiled, that why he would, the couldn"t tell. "What a reckless boy. His resentment is so strong."

"Breaking his arm wouldn"t kill him." Feitan snarled as he tightened his host on the boy"s hands.

"Feitan," Kuroro called with i did not agree tone. "Didn"t friend hear me as soon as I notified everyone, including you, not to strike him?"

Kurapika questioned the factor behind those words.

"Shalnark, take Feitan"s place," the Spider head notified the tech-specialist. Shalnark take it the captive"s hands rather as, Feitan stepped aside through a hiss.

"Now listen…" Kuroro regained his posture, leaving the blood the way it was. "As you have the right to see…how the chain-guy is qualified of together ability. Through his special type of Nen, his dowsing chain deserve to locate the shed object and his divine chain deserve to cure wounds. And also I gambling there"re more…" the paused, together if come emphasize the importance of the next statement he would certainly make. "I want him in Genei Ryodan for a time being. His valuable abilities have the right to come in handy."

As Kuroro had actually expected, just one protest indigenous a certain hot-headed samurai could be one hell come handle, not mentioning another four that assembled the objection: Machi, Phinx, Feitan, and also Franklin. The other four which to be Shalnark, Shizuku, Coltopi, and also Bonorenof only remained silent, most likely working on your decisions.

"Well, Danchou. It"s rather a…hunch." Machi do a face.

Kuroro knew that her hunch wasn"t other to it is in taken for this reason lightly, asked. "Is it that bad?"

The young woman"s eyebrows twitched slightly. "It isn"t…that bad. But, it"ll make a great deal on us." She paused, turning away, contemplating. "…I guess."

Nobunaga eyed her, currently he knew his comrade"s reputable hunch wasn"t wrong. Back then she had told him that their Danchou might want the chain-user in a troupe. And now, the instance was prove it.

"His being here can threaten your life, Danchou," Phinx warned.

"After all, he"s the one who had taken down Uvo," Franklin added. Feitan didn"t speak anything, however his eye told million protests.

Then Kuroro turned come the other five who appeared to comply with him, or in ~ least had actually no objections. Shalnark shrugged. "If it"s your decision, then so be it. We can"t death him still now, nor can we set him loose." Shizuku nodded; so together Coltopi and also Bonorenof.

"I"d fairly die 보다 joining you!" Kurapika cut in.

Again Shalnark and also even Machi now caught an amused laugh on their Danchou"s face. He seemed to have actually that expression often due to the fact that he returned: every time the wild Kuruta pulled the end a reckless stunt.

"You don"t watch the gravity of the situation, perform you?" Kuroro zeroed his eye on the boy. "You have no fight against us. And also like that or not, I"m putting you in the Spiders anyway." that turned come his comrades. "Arms and legs follow orders. If I placed it that way, walk anyone still want to protest?"

With that, it left only Nobunaga. The samurai could only rigid blankly prior to he bellowed. "That chain-user killed Uvo!"

Kuroro closed his eyes, feeling somewhat irritated. Franklin, who got tired of restraining a struggling samurai and also wanting to protect against his Danchou from losing his temper, finally knocked the over. His comrades watched and sighed in boredom, speak to each other. "No wonder the man was Uvo"s closest friend; they made such a loud pair."

"So that"s the man Gon was talk about? The one who had actually cried because that the fatality of the Giant?" Kurapika half-consciously observed.

"Franklin, i was about to educate you to execute that. I"ll resolve Nobunaga later. Now…" he pertained to the Kuruta, this time his normal laze eye threatening. "Join…or die."

"Die," Kurapika curtly comment without offering a 2nd of thinking. There to be no method in hell the he would join the Ryodan.

Kuroro exhaled come a great extent. He might do as the young wish if his very own life hadn"t been depending on the Nen condition. He had to shot the other means around. "Coltopi, room the eye still here?"

At the pointing out of the eyes, Kurapika froze. "It couldn"t be…"

The mopped blue-haired number nodded and disappeared into the corner of the room. For a quick unnerving silence, Coltopi reappeared v a small glass pipe container, v a pair that flamed-color eye floating inside. He handed it come his leader.

"This-," Kuroro organized the container up. "-is the genuine pair of Kuruta eyes. What girlfriend saw and also what the Nostrad had actually won from the auction at York Shin earlier then to be the replica created by Coltopi"s Nen." Kuroro revealed v smugness in his tone.

Kurapika"s shaking to be obvious, his own scarlet eyes darkening in ~ the instance. He tightened his fists, hating to bear the sight of his clan"s eye in the Spider"s grip. Back there, even believing castle were actual ones, the still had given them approximately Neon Nostrad as soon as the circumstance called for. Letting his clan"s eye go through a self-centered, spoiled son was one story, but having seen it in the bane that his existence"s hand was another.

"Give it to me," Kurapika growled.

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"Join us," Kuroro insisted. "And don"t you want to understand of her clan"s eyeballs whereabouts? I"m the one who marketed them out to the black markets. I have to have much more clues than you." seeing the boy"s hesitation, Kuroro took an additional action. He opened up the container and carefully got to for the human part inside it, holding it in between his fingers. The vision made the chain-user’s blood ran cold.

"I"ll to like this point right now if you decline my sell one an ext time." His cold voice reduced through the core of the boy"s being. "Make the appropriate choice….last among the Kuruta."


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