a combine form an interpretation “paralysis, cessation the motion,” in the four or an ar of the body mentioned by the early element: cardioplegia; hemiplegia; quadriplegia.

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The combining form -plegia is offered like a suffix definition “paralysis, cessation (stopping) the motion.” the is frequently used in clinical terms, especially in pathology.

The kind -plegia comes from Greek plēgḗ, definition “blow” or “stroke.”

What are variants of -plegia?

When combined with words or word facets to denote the adjective kind of the word, -plegia becomes -plegic, as in paraplegic.

One instance of a hatchet that functions the combining type -plegia is paraplegia, “paralysis the both lower limbs as result of spinal condition or injury.” Paraplegia originates from the Greek paraplēgía, which supplies the indistinguishable of the type -plegia.

The prefix para- way “to the one next of,” while -plegia means “paralysis.” Paraplegia literally translates to “paralysis top top one side.”

What space some indigenous that usage the combining type -plegia?

What space some other forms that -plegia may be generally confused with?

Break that down!

The combining kind blepharo- way “eyelid.” through this in mind, what kind of medical problem is blepharoplegia?

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British gimpppa.org definitions for -plegia

n combining form
indicating a specified type of paralysisparaplegia

Derived forms of -plegia

-plegic, adj combining form, n combine form

Word beginning for -plegia

from Greek, from plēgē stroke, from plēssein to strike

Medical meanings for -plegia


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