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The Simpsons: struggle & Run brings the concepts of the cool Theft Auto series to Springfield. Simply as the display The Simpsons is recognized for including fun keys for attentive viewers, the GameCube variation of The Simpsons: hit & Run has cheat codes the unlock surprise vehicles and also other bonus features.


Vivendi Universal games

The Simpsons: hit & run Cheat password

Enter this cheats in the Options menu. A automobile horn sound indicates that password entry to be successful.

EffectCheat Code
Alternate credits musicHold l + R and press A, X, X, Y
Unlock secret red brick carHold together + R and also press B, B, Y, X
Blow increase vehicles top top impactHold l + R and press Y, Y, X, X
Faster carsHold l + R and press X, X, X, X
Super rapid carsHold together + R and also press Y, Y, Y, Y
Unlock every vehiclesHold together + R and also press A, B, A, B
Grid viewHold together + R and also press B, A, B, Y
Indestructible carHold together + R and also press Y, A, Y, A
Unlock alternate camera angleHold together + R and press B, B, B, A
Jump making use of horn buttonHold l + R and press X, X, X, Y
Psychedelic viewHold together + R and also press Y, B, Y, B
Display speedometerHold together + R and also press Y, Y, B, X

Level 1Rocket carIn front of Quimby's mansion
Level 2MonorailDowntown near Itchy & Scratchy balloons
Level 3Night boatInside a crate on the boat
Level 4Quad bikeBetween two trailers in the caravan park
Level 5Monster truckAt the stadium
Level 6Pink CaddylicCrashed right into a wall beside planet Hype
Level 7RC carOn peak of Krusty Burger

just how to Unlock Bonus Mission Vehicles

Some vehicles can only it is in unlocked by completing details missions.

VehicleHow to Unlock
BanditComplete Milking The Pigs
Hover CarComplete Kinky Frinky
KremlinComplete Breached Love
Mr. Burns' LimoComplete Flaming Tires
Pickup TruckComplete This Old Shanty
SedanComplete Princi-Pal
WWII JeepComplete Dial B for Blood

how to Unlock Multiplayer races

Collect all seven cards in any kind of level come unlock multiplayer mode. You'll unlock brand-new tracks because that multiplayer mode as you collect all the cards for each level.

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an enig Holiday Themes

When the GameCube system is collection to specific dates, various facets of the game are holiday-themed. Pat on the following days to see the holiday theme:

You can adjust your console's time and date settings to view the holiday themes, but it might affect data for other games.