In the first twenty chapters of The mystery Garden, we check out Mary Lennox walk from gift a thin, sickly, spoiled girl in India to gift an elevation and solid girl on her uncle"s large estate in England. She makes friends with the servants and her uncle"s moody son, who everyone think is dying. Most importantly, she i do not care infatuated through a magical, enchanting secret garden.

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The an enig Garden is a great and magical book. If you"re having trouble remembering the very first twenty chapters, here"s a summary.

Chapter One:

We accomplish Mary Lennox. She"s one eleven-year-old life in India. We find out that she dad functions for the English government and that her mommy did not...

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The mystery Garden is a great and wonder book. If you"re having actually trouble psychic the an initial twenty chapters, here"s a summary.

Chapter One:

We accomplish Mary Lennox. She"s an eleven-year-old life in India. We find out that she dad functions for the English government and that her mom did not "want a daughter at all." mary was raised largely by residential workers. To save her "out of the way," the workers provided Mary "her own way in everything."

An outbreak the cholera strikes the Indian town where Mary and her parents live. Castle don"t leave best away since Mary"s mommy wanted to stay and also attend a dinner party. The selection to continue to be is fatal. Cholera kills Mary"s mom, dad, and nanny. Now, mar is an orphan.

All alone, mary hides in her nursery, where she alternately cries and sleeps. When she leaves the nursery, she look at a snake. Finally, she"s uncovered by brother officers.

Chapter Two:

Mary goes come live v a negative English clergyman who has 5 kids. None like Mary really much. They make up this median rhyme around her:

Mistress Mary, rather contrary,

How does her garden grow?

With silver- bells, and cockle shells,

And marigolds all in a row.

One that the children, Basil, tells mar that she is around to go to England to live through her uncle. The uncle’s surname is Archibald Craven. Basil tells mary that her uncle’s is a “hunchback” and “horrid.”

In London, mary meets Craven’s housekeeper Mrs. Medlock. The two don’t acquire along. Mrs. Medlock tells mar that Craven’s wife died and also that most of the rooms in the large house room closed.

Chapter Three:

When mar arrives at she uncle’s house, i beg your pardon is called Misselthwaite Manor, a manservant informs Mary that Craven walk not desire to watch her. Mary is sent to she room. She warned no to go trying out the huge house.

Chapter Four:

In her very first morning at Misselthwaite Manor, Mary has actually a puzzling interaction with Martha, one more servant. Martha is unlike the servants in India that “did no presume to speak to your masters as if they were equals.”

After awkwardly helping Mary acquire dressed, Martha speak Mary about her younger brother Dickon and his pony. She additionally tells Mary around a “locked up” garden that has actually not been gone into in ten years.

When mary spots a robin ~ above a tree, she believes the tree is in the “secret garden.”

Chapter Five:

Time flies. Mar spends she days eating and exploring the moors. The outdoor task makes she stronger and also healthier.

Mary look at the robin again.

Martha tells Mary more about the mystery garden and also how that belonged come Craven’s wife. Craven and his wife offered to spend several time in it: they read, talked, and also cared because that the flowers.

Chapter Six:

Rain keeps mar inside and also leads she to inspection the close up door rooms. Throughout her illegal exploration, she starts come hear a “fretful, childish whine.”

Chapter Seven:

Martha goes come visit she family. Mar runs right into the robin again. This time, the robin leads her to a vital “almost hidden in the newly-turned soil.”

Chapter Eight:

Martha come back. She tells Mary exactly how much her family liked the story she told them around Mary. She additionally gives mary a existing from Martha’s mom: a skipping rope.

Later, while mary is omitted away, a powerful gust of wind blows away few of the ivy top top a nearby wall. Mary pulls away an ext ivy and discovers a door.

Chapter Nine:

Mary enters the secret garden and she expresses she hope the there space some points still living in it. Later, mary asks Martha because that some tools to help her garden. Then mar hears those strange cries again.

Chapter Ten:

Mary and Ben Weatherstaff, the Misselthwaite Manor gardner, end up being closer, as mar asks him because that gardening tips.

Mary climate meets Martha’s younger brother, Dickon, who offers him the seeds and also tools the Martha had told him come get. Mar tells Dickon around the garden she discovered.

Chapter Eleven:

Mary and Dickon begin working ~ above the garden. Many of the plants space still alive. Dickon is quite impressed with Mary’s expertise of gardening.

Chapter Twelve:

Mary tells Martha how much she likes Dickon. She likewise meets Craven. Craven is no the “horrid” guy Basil told she about. As soon as she asks for much more earth to assist with she gardening, Craven complies.

Chapter Thirteen:

There is a storm in the center of the night. Mar awakes and also hears more crying. She adheres to the cries, which lead her to the room the a sickly boy in a giant bed. The boy is Craven’s son. He’s ten years old, and also his surname is Colin. Craven does not like how ill he is, so he conceals him from the world.

Chapter Fourteen:

Mary speak Martha around her exploration of Colin. Their connection surprises Martha, together Colin is usually quite angry and antisocial when it comes to people.

Mary and also Colin speak more. Castle speak around death. Colin states that anyone thinks he will certainly die. As soon as Mrs. Medlock and also Colin’s uncle go into the room, Mary and Colin are laughing and also having a great time. Colin says he likes Mary because she provides him think about other points besides feeling sick.

Chapter Fifteen:

Mary thinks of just how she could get Colin out of the house and into the garden, i m sorry is currently blooming because it’s spring. She likewise talks to Dickon about her farming friendship through Colin. Both think happen Colin come the garden and also having him see all the life will make him desire to live.

Chapter Sixteen:

Mary and also Colin fight due to the time mar spends with Dickon instead of Colin. Colin calls Dickon “a usual cottage boy.”

Returning to her room, mary thinks about her quarrel through Colin. She considers his sickly state and also decides to give him another chance.

Chapter Seventeen:

In the night, mar is startled out of her sleep as result of Colin’s cries. In ~ the request of Colin’s nurse, mar goes into Colin’s room and also yells in ~ him to stop screaming. Colin tells mary that he’s scared he might be occurring a hunchback. Mary tells Colin he is being foolish.

Chapter Eighteen:

Mary informs Dickon that Colin’s late-night screams. Both resolve to lug Colin into the garden.

Chapter Nineteen:

Dr. Craven does not desire Colin to go outside, but Colin is adamant about venturing outdoors. Later, Dickon comes to visit Colin. With him, room a organize of animals, consisting of a fox, a crow, and also squirrels.

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Chapter Twenty:

Cold weather and also wind protect against the trio from see the garden. Soon, the weather gets far better and Colin, in a wheelchair, is ultimately able to walk outside.