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October 5, 2021

$1M gift support neuroscience programs

The Semmes Foundation"s donation will help cultivate impressive doctoral students and expand brand-new research discoveries.

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October 12, 2021

Grant associate underrepresented students v cyber skills

The $5M give supports recurring cybersecurity research and also other experiential finding out opportunities.

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October 8, 2021

Mapping the ingredient of the moon

an imaginative new research demonstrates the ultraviolet light have the right to be supplied to provide cleaner lunar imagery for clinical analysis.

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September 15 to October 15Hispanic heritage Month

Celebrate the cultures and contributions that our spain students, families, and community!

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Being about a team of people that not just value their education but likewise being the finest at what they perform pushed me to go exterior my lull zone and strive to be much better than ns was before. –Nehemiah Jackson, "21" prepares students for the careers that today and tomorrow, equipping them through the tools they require to adjust the world.

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Social media is a an excellent place to discover student stories, check out our vibrant campuses, and connect with the Roadrunner family. Sign up with the conversation using the hashtag #BirdsUp.

FamiliaA hispanic thriving university’s commonwealth designation as a hispanic Serving institution (HSI) is just one part of our story. We space taking bold measures to go past our HSI designation to come to be an school where hispanic students thrive.

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AudaciousModeling the future of greater education was founded with the promise of social mobility and also opportunity because that underserved Texans. Today, is setup the conventional for educating students the reflect the demographic future that the joined States.

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An Adobe an imaginative Campus

We’re committed to transforming education through an imaginative digital empowerment, weaving Adobe’s cutting-edge tools right into learning experiences.

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InspiredAcademic Success District

The scholastic Success District, in ~ the scholastic center of our campus, to represent’s culture of support and also empowerment for its students, specifically our first-generation college students. – Kimberly andrew Espy, Provost and an elderly Vice chairman for scholastic Affairs take it an interaction District tour

CommunityDestination Downtown

Anchoring the city’s modern technology corridor, the Downtown Campus is undergoing an expansion that reflects promise for financial prosperity, city revitalization and transdisciplinary discovery.

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view’s downtown development

InventiveTalent that Tomorrow is tackling the workforce talent vacuum come ensure our an ar and state continues to be competitive, giving the following generation that talent v the skills and relations they should jumpstart your careers.