The research of the moon, stars, and the objects in space.

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AXISAn imagine line the passes through Earth's center and the North and also South poles, around which planet rotates.
ROTATIONThe spinning motion of a planet around its axis.
REVOLUTIONThe movement of an item around another object.
ORBITThe path of things as that revolves around another object in space.
LATITUDEThe distance north or south from the equator, measure in degrees.
SOLSTICEThe 2 days the the year on i beg your pardon the noon sunlight is directly overhead at either 23.5° south or 23.5° North.
EQUINOXThe 2 days of the year on which no hemisphere is tilted toward or far from the sun.
SPRING EQUINOXThe work of the year the marks the beginning of spring in the northern Hemisphere.
FALL EQUINOXThe job of the year the marks the beginning of loss in the north Hemisphere.
PHASEOne the the various shapes of the moon as seen from Earth.
ECLIPSEThe partial or complete blocking that one object by another.
SOLAR ECLIPSEThe blocking of sunlight to planet that occurs when the moon is in between the sun and Earth.
UMBRAThe darkest component of a shadow.
PENUMBRAThe component of a shadow surrounding the darkest part.
LUNAR ECLIPSEThe prevent of sunlight to the moon that occurs when planet is directly in between the sun and moon.
TIDEThe day-to-day rise and also fall of Earth's waters ~ above shores.
GRAVITYThe attractive force in between two objects; that magnitude counts on their masses and also the distance in between them.
SATELLITEAny object that revolves around one more object in space.
CRATERA ring pit ~ above the moon's or various other surface, developed by a force of impact.
MARIADark, level regions on the moon's surface.
LAW OF universal GRAVITATIONThe legislation that states all objects tempt all other objects.
KEPLER'S an initial LAW of PLANETARY MOTIONThe law that claims that planets take trip in elliptical orbits.
KEPLER'S second LAW that PLANETARY MOTIONThe regulation that says that the closer a planet is to the sun, the much faster it revolves..
KEPLER'S 3rd LAW the PLANETARY MOTIONThe legislation that states that a planets average distance to the sun have the right to be offered to calculate exactly how long that world will take to revolve, and vice verse.
MASSThe amount of issue in an object.
INERTIAThe propensity of things to withstand a readjust in motion.
WEIGHTThe pull of gravity on one object.
SPRING TIDEThe tide through the biggest differences between high and low tide. That occurs throughout a full or brand-new moon.
NEAP TIDEThe tide through the least difference in between the high and also low tide. It occurs during a an initial or third quarter moon.
WINTER SOLSTICEThe shortest work of the year, as soon as the noon sun shows up the lowest in the sky.

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SUMMER SOLSTICEThe longest day of the year, once the noon sun shows up the highest in the sky.