There are plenty of properties that researchers use to define waves. They include amplitude, frequency, period, wavelength, speed, and also phase. Each of this properties is described in much more detail below.

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Graphing a WaveWhen drawing a tide or looking at a tide on a graph, we draw the wave as a snapshot in time. The vertical axis is the amplitude that the tide while the horizontal axis deserve to be either distance or time.
In this snapshot you can see the the highest allude on the graph the the tide is called the crest and also the lowest point is dubbed the trough. The line with the center of the wave is the resting position of the tool if there to be no wave passing through.We have the right to determine a variety of wave properties from the graph.AmplitudeThe amplitude the a wave is a measure of the displacement of the tide from its rest position. The amplitude is shown on the graph below.
Amplitude is generally calculated by feather on a graph of a wave and measuring the height of the tide from the relaxing position.The amplitude is a measure of the strength or intensity of the wave. For example, as soon as looking in ~ a sound wave, the amplitude will measure the loudness that the sound. The power of the wave additionally varies in straight proportion to the amplitude that the wave.WavelengthThe wavelength that a wave is the distance in between two corresponding points on back-to-back cycles that a wave. This have the right to be measured between two crests of a wave or 2 troughs that a wave. The wavelength is usually stood for in physics by the Greek letter lambda (λ).
Frequency and also PeriodThe frequency of a wave is the number of times per 2nd that the tide cycles. Frequency is measure up in Hertz or cycles every second. The frequency is frequently represented by the lower instance "f."The duration of the tide is the time between wave crests. The period is measured in time units such as seconds. The period is usually represented by the upper situation "T."The duration and frequency are carefully related to each other. The duration equals 1 over the frequency and the frequency is equal to one over the period. They room reciprocals of each other as shown in the following formulas.

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Speed or Velocity the a WaveAnother crucial property that a tide is the rate of propagation. This is how quick the disturbance of the wave is moving. The rate of mechanically waves relies on the medium that the tide is travel through. For example, sound will travel at a various speed in water than in air.The velocity the a tide is usually represented by the letter "v." The velocity can be calculation by multiplying the frequency through the wavelength.
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